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June 19, 2023
Products Info丨DINGLI launched over 200 Models, 16~44 Meters Heavy Load Module Boom Type Orange, Green and Blue Fleets, Taking to the scene

Dingli is forced to press the pause button due to the three year epidemic, but it also gave Dingli an opportunity to focus on R&D and push for intelligent manufacturing. Through continuous training of internal skills, we have meticulously tuning each new product and fully implemented the new energy strategy. Today, the total models of Dingli machines, including scissors, booms, masts, and differentiated products, has exceeded 200.

With the launch of 9 models of high working height T series booms, developed by Dingli Germany and enjoying global patent innovation, Dingli is the only one in the world to have a heavy load, modularized 16-44 meters boom fleet. The army consists of the Orange (diesel), the Green (electric) and the Blue (hybrid)



Born with Proud, Super Heavy Load Capacity

Dingli's 16-44m large load modular series are divided into three categories "D", "M" and "T" according to different working heights, all of them meet standard container transportation and have completely independent intellectual property rights! The specific classification is as follows:



D Series

Independently developed by Dingli Research Center, the maximum working height covers 16-22 meters, and the maximum load has been increased from 230kg/300kg, which is common in the industry, to 300/454kg, quite a leap in the industry for the machines under this category. D Series adopt lightweight design and is equipped with an integrated axle, which has the advantages of light weight, easy maintenance, and easy transportation.


M Series

Jointly developed by Dingli and MAGNI of Italy, the maximum working height covers 22-34 meters, maximum load reaches 300/454kg, and the model below 30 meters has a safe working load of 454kg. By moving down the components and installing an integrated axle, it has the advantages of large load, easy maintenance, strong power, high efficiency, safety, and easy transportation. 


T Series

Jointly developed by Dingli and Germany TEUPEN, the maximum working height covers 36~44 meters, maximum load reaches 300/454kg. Adopting the patented innovative one-key on-site bridge expansion design, it has the advantages of large load, easy maintenance, strong power, high efficiency, safety, and easy transportation.


Horizontal and vertical module design

The modular design is invented by Dingli, which means machines with the same drive power but different heights share the same R&D platform; different power sources (diesel, electric and hybrid) and different heights share the same R&D platform. 85% of all components are compatible, reducing the customer's follow-up cost on maintenance, spare parts storage, and labor wages.



Original Aspiration and Ingenuity

Remain true to our original aspiration and ingenuity, with the launch of the Dingli full-boom series; we already have the most complete modular boom fleet in the industry. This year, the fourth and fifth phases of Dingli's "future factory" have received numerous praises after on-site visits by customers around the world. We welcome more friends from all over the world to visit Dingli, we will continue to forge ahead, and bring the technology, craftsmanship and quality to a new level!