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  • Ecology
  • Green Travel
    The company actively encourages all employees to participate in the goal of "Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality", practices and advocates ESG development strategy in all aspects, and continuously enhances the awareness of "double carbon" among all employees.
  • Green Zone
    The integrated energy-saving solution is adopted, covering photovoltaic roof, large natural lighting, large vegetation cover in office area, roof garden, heat recovery, rainwater recovery, insulated wall, LED lighting, sensor faucet, paperless office, etc., to create a green zone in all aspects.
  • Green Intelligent Manufacturing
    The entire industrial chain is in a closed-loop mode, using digitalization to realize technological processes such as automatic blanking, welding, machining, spraying, final assembly, etc., reducing costs, improving quality and efficiency, and promoting green and low-carbon transformation.
  • Green Products
    The whole series of products adopt the industry's first modular, electrified, and oil-free design, which comprehensively promotes the application and popularization of new energy for non-road mobile machinery, realizing energy saving and emission reduction. At the same time, it also integrates the concept of energy saving into R&D innovation, including technologies like range-extended hybrid, self-weight lowering, variable frequency power output, battery power recovery and so on, the innovative vitality is continuously stimulated.
  • Green Recycling
    Focusing on standardized processes, refined management, and professional refurbishment, the first remanufacturing plant in the industry has been built. Taking it as a template and relying on overseas branches, more than 10 aerial work platform 4S stores have been successively established to focus on the full life cycle service of equipment in an all-round way and realize the green cycle of equipment.
Green & Sustainability
Dingli is always committed to building an equal, diverse and inclusive corporate environment. We actively empower women and achieve gender diversity at all positions in the male-dominated machinery manufacturing industry. We respect the voices of differences and keep the team building innovative and flexible for a long time. We focus on the development of the industry, take a master's attitude, create a new era of "non road mobile machinery" electrification, and lead the green transformation of the industry. We build a harmonious supply chain, fully connect the upstream and downstream, and create the world's only industrial park for aerial work platforms. We fulfill our social responsibilities and actively carry out heartwarming activities such as helping poor people, helping farmers and students, and collecting donations for disaster relief through the "Red Ding Fund". "Green sustainability" is becoming the core meaning of striving for high-quality development through the entire life cycle of the enterprise ecosystem.