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November 01, 2023
Products Info丨DINGLI Launched Upgraded Large Load D Series Modular Booms

Recently, on the basis of the original 16~22m boom lifts, DINGLI launched upgraded large load D series modular booms, with maximum load for the whole series of 320kg. There are 24 models in the full range, with electric / diesel / hybrid (8 models each) models developed on the same platform, including 4 models of articulated boom and 4 models of telescopic boom.

The upgraded D series continues DINGLIs family modular design, with configuration of integrated axle, and the full range is developed on the same platform, 85% of the components are common. Different from the old models with the same height coverage, D series adopts lightweight design, in which the diesel model is equipped with low power engines, lowering energy consumption. The advantages are as follows:

l Horizontal and vertical modular design to realize high versatility of parts, low parts storage costs, and more efficient maintenance.

l Each model in the whole series is driveable at full height with large load of 320kg.

l Lightweight design, overall components downward offers a lower centre of gravity for greater stability, easy to transport, light in weight, with low energy consumption.

l Equipped with integrated axle, four-wheel drive & two-wheel steering, with low failure rate, strong power and flexible operation.

l The electric model is equipped with 48V375Ah high-capacity battery pack, realize no noise, zero emission and long endurance.

l The hybrid range-extended model is equipped with 48V320Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack. A build-in universal range extender enables the machine to generate electricity by itself when there is no external charging facilities on site. Combined with a tank of fuel, the range extender can charge the lithium batteries at anytime.

l The diesel model is equipped with low-power engine to lower energy consumption.

DINGLI’s new D series boom of 16~22m with large load have been fully launched, including 24 models, with 4 telescopic models and 4 articulated models, all available in either electric, diesel or hybrid versions. Inquiries are welcome!