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Dingli’s boom aerial work platforms are divided into three types: electric model, diesel model and hybrid model, which are suitable for complex outdoor aerial working conditions. Among them, the electric model is also suitable for working conditions with high environmental requirements, such as high-speed railway, airport, rail transportation, national power grid and residential area.
  • Commercial complex project
  • Large-scale Stadium Projects
  • Sports Centre Project
Dingli’s scissor aerial work platforms are divided into two types: electric model and diesel model, which can be widely used in working conditions like high building mezzanines, underground construction, landscaping, power station maintenance, large shipyards and so on, according to different operating heights and machine dimensions.
  • UHV project
  • Transportation hub project
  • Metro station project
Dingli has a wide range of differentiated products, including glass attachment boom lift, rail-mounted aerial working platform and intelligent punching robot, which can be selected according to the actual working conditions.
  • Glass curtain wall installation project
  • Orbital high altitude project