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September 08, 2022
Products Info | Dingli Launched 34m Electric/Diesel Modular Booms

A new addition to Dingli’s boom family has recently been introduced, with a maximum working height of 34.14m and a maximum load of 454kg.

Up to now, the whole series of Dingli’s modular boom has covered the maximum working height from 16 to 44 meters with completely independent intellectual property rights, all of which are suitable for container transport!

The newly launched 34m electric/diesel boom models - BT34RT and BT34ERT continue the design of Dingli’s modular boom series, with the centre of gravity shifted down and feature four-section booms, offering the advantages such as large load capacity, strong power, easy maintenance, high chassis, high energy saving, stable control and easy transportation. Specific features are as follows.

● Family modular design, the whole series is developed on the same platform base, 90% of the main components and more than 95% of the structural parts are common, lowering the storage cost and making the maintenance more efficient

● The electric model features 80V520Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack with 1.5h fast charging, energy saving and environmental protection, zero noise, convenient maintenance at low cost, safety and practicality, etc

● Unique design shifts the whole part down, so that centre of gravity is shifted down, making the machine more stable

● All components are located on both sides of the chassis, making maintenance easier

● Equipped with integrated axle four-wheel drive system for greater rough-terrainability

● Suitable for container transport

Based on the original boom model with maximum working height of 30.3m, the new 34m boom has increased the height by nearly 4m, which will further expand its application conditions, welcome to inquire for more details!