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September 23, 2022
Products Info | Dingli Large Electric Scissor Series Adds New Members JCPT1912DCL/1712DCL With Lightweight Design Are Here

Dingli has the scissor series with the most complete working height coverage and the largest variety of specifications in the industry. The maximum working height of the whole series covers 6~32 meters and the maximum load is 1000kg, including mini, compact (AC/HA), large electric, large rough-terrain (electric/ diesel), oil-free & all-electric series.

Recently, Dingli has added new members to its lightweight design large electric scissor series, which are JCPT1912DCL and JCPT1712DCL with super passability.

Equipped with 48V420Ah high-capacity battery pack, both models are purely electric driven, offering 500kg full-stroke large load capacity, width of only 1.25m, making easy pass through narrow passages. As large electric scissors, both models are also equipped with a 1.2m extension deck.

As a supplement to the large electric scissors under 20 meters, more importantly, the total weight of the two devices are respectively 7140kg and 6280kg, making it really convenient for transportation!

Advantages are as follows:

       ● Driveable at full height with maximum load of 500kg

       ● Equipped with 48V420Ah high-capacity battery pack, realizing long-endurance operations

       ● Pure electric drive, no noise, zero emissions, energy saving and environmental protection

       ● 1.2m one-way extension deck, which can quickly reach the operation point

       ● The width and height of the machine are only 1.25m and 2.47m(guardrails folded), compact in size, making it easy to pass through narrow working conditions

       ● The machine adopts lightweight design, weighing less than 8000kg, easy to transport


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