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August 12, 2022
Products Info | Dingli German R&D Center Launched 9 Models Of Electric / Hybrid / Diesel Boom Series

In March 2019, Dingli Italian R&D Center launched the 24~34m modular electric boom series to the world, thus the industry has entered the era of electrification!

After three years, the 36~44m high-meter modular boom series, developed by Dingli's German R&D Center and produced in China's intelligent manufacturing factory, was officially launched.

So far, Dingli’s boom series has covered the maximum working height from 16 to 44 meters, with completely independent intellectual property rights, and all boom models are suitable for container transport!

The newly launched 9 models of electric / hybrid / diesel high-meter boom series, with industry-leading large load capacity and greater working range, among which the maximum working height is 44m, the maximum load is 454kg, offering compact design and beautiful shape.

Compared with the equivalent models in the industry, the advantages of the Dingli’s series are as follows:

1、The adopt of tire parallel axle expansion technology, one-key in-situ axle expansion without driving, greatly reducing tire wear, realizing easy retraction / expansion of axles in narrow spaces.

2、With four steering modes, it meets the flexible operation requirements of four-wheel drive&steering, including crab-steering and U-turn steering.

3、Electric model configured with 358V200Ah lithium battery pack, with no noise, zero emissions, long endurance; automotive-grade power system is safer and more efficient.

4、Hybrid model is equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery pack and a universal range extender, which can generate electricity by itself without external power supply.

5、Diesel model features a Deutz engine imported from Germany as standard, with strong power, great rough-terrain performance, and gradeability up to 45%.

6、Modular design of whole series, same configuration of structural / hydraulic components, good versatility and compatibility of accessories.

7、The luffing angle of the jib reaches 240°, it can be hooked back for container transport.

8、Full redundancy of electronic control software and hardware, safety performance is comprehensively improved to achieve the industry's only.

9、Compared with the equivalent models in the industry, significant reduction in movement completion time and 40% increase in efficiency. 


(All Dingli booms from 16 to 44 meters are suitable for container transport)