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July 16, 2022
Products Info | Nowhere To Charge? “Mobile Charger” Build in 丨The Advanced Version Of Dingli’s Electric Boom--Hybrid Series Is Launched!

The electric boom is powered by lithium batteries, with the advantages of no noise, zero emission and long endurance. During construction work, if the charging facilities on site are well equipped, the machine can be charged at any time, with no anxiety about running out of power.

What if the site has no external power supply and machines can’t be charged in time?


In response to this problem, based on customers’ needs, Dingli has developed an advanced version of electric boom - the Range Extended Series, which not only takes into account the advantages of environmental protection, but also comes with a "Mobile Charger" to generate electricity in a self-sufficient way.

Dingli’s range extended boom series is developed on the same platform, with a maximum working height of 22~34m, a maximum load of 454kg, features an 80V 420Ah lithium battery pack. The build-in universal range extender enables the machine to generate electricity by itself when there is no external charging facilities on site. With a tank of fuel, the endurance of machine lasts for 30 days with extender charges the lithium battery pack!

Currently, the Dingli range extended boom series has two modes of auxiliary power supply. In manual mode, users can switch between pure electric or range extension mode; in automatic mode, the range extender automatically charge the machine when the power is below 30%, and stops generating power when it is above 90%.