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June 28, 2022
56 containers in one day! Dingli's overseas shipments broke another record

Since the electrification of Dingli’s full range of products, more and more rental companies started to follow Dingli's pace and keep increasing the deployment of electric equipment. In March 2021, Dingli set a record for deliveries, with 427 units shipped in a single day, including more than 50 boom lifts, with deliveries going all night long!

On June 24, after a year, Dingli's overseas shipments reached a new high, with as many as 56 containers in a single day and a total of 451 units shipped, of which over 90% were new energy electric equipment! What’s more, compared to last year, in addition to electric boom lifts, high meter electric rough-terrain scissors occupy a great number this year and will be in service all over the world!

At present, relying on the R&D centers in Italy and Germany, Dingli has fully realized the globalization of technology. Apart from the world's only large load modular electric boom series, the full range of Dingli’s large electric rough-terrain scissors has also covered the height of 18~32m, which can meet the more demanding working conditions!


"The United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, India ...... With the promotion of Dingli’s electric boom series, more and more international mainstream rental companies have placed orders. Combined with the rental company's own green development purposes, it is believed that the new energy aerial work platform will usher in a broader prospect in the future. ", said Dingli’s overseas sales representative, Dingli is continuously accelerating the delivery of electric booms and electric rough-terrain scissors, the trend of electrification in the industry is being more and more remarkable!