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June 01, 2022
Honor List丨Ranked 3rd in the world, Zhejiang Dingli, a milestone of intelligent manufacturing in China!

       On May 31, KHL Group released the list of "Top 20 Global Aerial Work Platform Manufacturers in 2021" (Access M20) on Access International, its world-renowned aerial work platform magazine.

       Dingli ranks the world’s 3rd in the list, preceded only by JLG and Terex Genie, making the first time for Chinese aerial work platform manufacturer to enter the global top three!


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       As a leading enterprise of aerial work platforms, Zhejiang Dingli has been in the top 10 of the M20 list for many years.


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       In 2021, faced with the difficult situation influenced by multiple external factors such as the sharp rise in raw material prices, high sea freight, recurring global pandemic and geopolitical tensions, Dingli rose to the challenge and actively responded to the severe situation of domestic and foreign economies full of challenges and uncertainties, achieving double growth in revenue and profit.

       At the same time, through years of layout, the company's strategy of non-road mobile machinery electrification has achieved outstanding results, new energy aerial work platforms have been favored by international head rental companies, and the launch of many cutting-edge differentiated products has horizontally expanded Dingli’s product line to meet the demanding needs of customers!

       As the most authoritative list in the global industry, Dingli is honored to be ranked global No. 3 in it, which is also a milestone of Chinese intelligent manufacturing in the industry!

       Dingli always starts from the perspective of customers, following the trend of electrification, green and intelligence to implement the path of green and sustainable development in an all-round way!

       In the future, Dingli will continue to enhance the brand value, seize the opportunities of the times, and lead the industry to the international market with Chinese intelligent manufacturing!