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January 15, 2021
"PLAN G" Europe, Electric Boom Lifts Shining internationally!

“PLAN G” Europe

    After Korean Rental companies AJ Rental, Lotte Rental and Korean Rental completed the electric boom lifts’ delivery and joined the Dingli "PLAN G" in November, recently many European countries also frequently appeared the electric boom lifts of Zhejiang Dingli.
    At this point, the Dingli’s modular large load electric boom type with completely independent intellectual property rights has officially arrived in Europe, and "Intelligent Made in China" has begun to shine in the world!
    Italy Magni has more than 30 years of experience in the research and development of aerial work equipment. With first-class product design and research capabilities, it has become the world's leading telescopic boom fork loader company.
Magni has more than 150 dealers around the world, with a full range of products in Europe, America, Asia, South Africa and the Middle East, widely used in industrial, construction, rescue and other fields.

[Magni completes the delivery]
    Up to now, Dingli has more than 100 sets of modular large load boom lifts (MAGNI Red) sent to Italy, the recent delivery tide of electric boom type is hot!
Netherlands Collé丨Over 120 years of professional experience

    With more than 120 years of experience, Collé Rental and Sales is one of Europe's largest equipment Sales, Rental and maintenance service providers. It has dozens of branches in Union Economique Benelux and Germany.
 [Collé completes the delivery]
[Magni Red, Collé Blue shipped in piles]

The United Kingdom       
    After Italy and the Netherlands, the "Plan G" action in the UK market was also launched after Christmas. The first round of electric boom lifts ceremony has been completed!
[Charles Wilson completes the delivery]
    The special 2020 has gone, and the new 2021 is coming. Thanks to all customers' trust in the Dingli’s modular electric boom series, the Dingli’s "PLAN G" action to protect the green home will also continue to sail forward.
    In the future, we believe that the "Green Map" will cover all parts of the world, and the electric boom lifts will wholeheartedly provide customers with environmentally friendly and comfortable aerial work solutions!