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December 03, 2020
bauma CHINA 2020丨Sci-tech Inter-connect, Green Future,Zhejiang Dingli Is Perfect Ending!
Sci-tech Inter-connect, Green Future
bauma CHINA 2020

「Zhejiang Dingli Booth H.11」
    bauma CHINA 2020 was unveiled at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 24-27, 2020.

Booth H.11 is 3585㎡

1 New Electric Type
Modularized Large Load Electric Boom Lift Series
“Dual AC” Scissor Lift Series
    This exhibition, all of Dingli electric series products attended the exhibition. Including the maximum working height coverage of 24.3-30.3 meters, the maximum load of 454kg, and the engine boom series with the same platform research and development, using family modular design of 7 large load electric boom series; As well as the ultimate scissor lifts "AC, HA" series of "dual AC" for lifting and walking, the current fully enclosed AC system has covered the full height scissor lifts’ equipment, and has significant advantages of more waterproof, more efficient and safer. 

    In view of the unique advantages of Dingli’s new products, the first day of the exhibition, "Horizon Construction Development & Zhejiang Dingli equipment delivery more than 30,000 units and new product delivery ceremony" event was held, causing a huge sensation in the industry!

2 Differentiated New Products
Glass Attachment Boom Lift
Railway& Road Boom Lift
Template Boom Lift

    Exhibition site, Dingli’s many differentiated new products are on , including the maximum lifting height 26.1 meters, the glass curtain wall installation of 500/800 kg big suction artifact - glass attachment boom lift, railway& road boom lift, and the maximum magnetic suction 500 kg of "infrastructure" - template boom lift, etc.
    In addition, multi-functional models such as high-position forklifts, spider-type aerial working platforms, and bridge-type aerial working platforms have also appeared! 

Glass Attachment Boom Lift


Spider Type Aerial Working Platform Delivery

3 Innovative Products
Pure Electric “No-diesel” Vertical Lift
Crawler Scissor Lift
Vertical Order Picker

    Pure electric vertical lift AMWP7-8100, vertical order picker OPT0507, adopt "No-diesel" design, with efficient battery as power source, including pure electric vertical lift’s electric lifting rod instead of traditional hydraulic oil cylinder, in addition to the "diesel", no noise, no pollution, free maintenance, also has light structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable, both device is suitable for the warehouse, supermarket and narrow channels of aerial working environment.

[Vertical Lift AMWP7-8100, Vertical Order Picker OPT0507]

    Rich product lineup, detailed information materials, enthusiastic sales staff, professional technical team...
    All of these, make customers to Zhejiang Dingli products and services thumbs up.

    During the 4-day exhibition period, Zhejiang Dingli has attracted worldwide media attention for its strong exhibition lineup.


    In view of the first-class configuration and performance of Dingli products, in the exhibition process, related products also won great honor, Zhejiang Dingli chairman Mr. Xu Shugen is one of the "Aerial Working Equipment Industry Influence Person In China" award!

    bauma CHINA 2020 has come to an end. After more than ten years of market trials and tribulations and the rebirth of this bamua Exhibition, we have reason to believe that Zhejiang Dingli will continue to lead the industry to a higher level with its innovative spirit and ingenuity.

[Zhejiang Dingli 2008~2020 bauma Exhibition grand occasion]

    At present, the global epidemic is still continuing, in a special period, although this bauma Exhibition makes it impossible for many customers to come to the booth.
However, Dingli will always be there!

    At present, Dingli phase 4 large modern intelligent manufacturing plant has completed the trial operation, in this Dingli also issued a sincere invitation to customers around the world, welcome you to visit the Dingli Phase 4 plant, witness the advanced level of intelligent manufacturing in the aerial work platform industry!

    Two years later, bauma CHINA 2022, Zhejiang Dingli will continue to rely on your love, continue to launch more innovative products, looking forward to the next meeting!