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March 16, 2021
Still playing with scissor Lifts? Zhejiang DingLi blows the Horn of the European boom lifts
In recent days, "delivery" has become the company's theme
The domestic market set a new single-day delivery record
Overseas markets are also not to be outdone

       Since last year, The "PLAN G" operation of Dingli electric boom Lifts has been heard all over the world, and has been sought after by many customers in overseas markets, including Magni of Italy, Colle of the Netherlands, Charles Wilson of the UK, etc.

       In the New Year, following Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Turkey, Australia, Israel and other regions of the order also rushed in. Up to now, boom lifts and scissor Lifts have been in short supply. 

The electric boom lifts is widely welcomed by overseas markets 
DingLi boom lifts has attracted the attention of many overseas media

       Since this year, with the increasing orders of boom lifts type at home and abroad, there has been a trend of clustering. All our staff are working at full speed to ensure early delivery of orders. 

In just 3 weeks, numerous boom lifts have been issued

       At present, after the completion of the trial run, the production pace of Zhejiang Dingli iv large modern intelligent factory is accelerating, and the boom lifts series production capacity will be released in succession to help the delivery of orders, please pay attention!