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November 09, 2020
bauma CHINA 2020, First look at the Dingli blockbuster exhibits!

bauma CHINA 2020
    After two years, November 24th to 27th, bauma CHINA 2020(Shanghai bauma Exhibition) will open in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

[The pomp of bauma CHINA 2018 Dingli Booth ]

    As an extension of the world-renowned German bauma Exhibition in CHINA, bauma CHINA has long been the most important event for the construction machinery industry in Asia.
    Gathering the global elite construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, tens of thousands of innovative products and technologies compete to show, bauma CHINA 2020, Zhejiang Dingli H.11 booth, is about to dress up and return!

Theme: Green · High-end

[Dingli H.11 booth is the largest booth with a single area]

    bauma CHINA 2020, Dingli will carry more than 50 creative products, to promote a full series of electric products, in H.11 booth, 3585 square meters exhibition area to form a huge lineup, to bring you a cutting-edge technology and intelligent equipment experience. Are you ready?

1.- The Whole Series of Electric Boom lifts & Engine Boom Lifts -
    The 14 models (7 engine-type and 7 electric-type) adopt the modular design, research and develop the large loading boom lifts(454kg) whose working height covering 24.3~30.3 meters. They have the advantages of modularization, strong power, high chassis, stable control, safer, easy transportation, etc., among which the electric boom lifts also take into account the specific advantages of noiseless, zero emission, long endurance and so on!
 2.- Ultimate AC Electric Scissor Lifts Series -

    Dingli ultimate “Dual AC” Scissor Lifts series, equipped with fully sealed AC system (drive, lift), replacing the traditional DC system (drive, lift), with maintenance-free, more waterproof, more efficient, safer and other advantages!
 3.- Large-scale Rough-terrain Electric Scissor Lifts -

    The max. working height of Dingli large-scale rough-terrain electric scissor lifts series can be up to 22 meters, and the maximum load is 750kg, whose advantages are drivable at full height, large load, one-key extended large platform, energy saving, environmental protection, pollution-free and so on...

    Technological innovation, we are always on the road.

A strong lineup of differentiated products
▼ It’s Coming! ▼
[Differentiated New Products: Great Suction Glass Attachment Boom Lift]
[Upcoming Dual-purpose Vehicle of Road & Rail]

    Great Suction Glass Attachment Boom Lift, spider type aerial work platform, template lift truck, dual-purpose vehicle of road & rail, tunnel punching truck... More new and differentiated products, stay tuned!

Design Sketch of Booth
For more exhibition information, welcome to Dingli H.11 booth
November 24 ~ 27
Be there or be square!