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August 31, 2020
The “Inner Loop” In The Post-epidemic Era, Zhejiang Dingli&XJ Group Reached A Strategic Cooperation Intention!

    This year, the domestic and foreign economies have been hit by the epidemic, and a large number of industries have experienced negative growth. It has twice been in the “eye of the storm”.
    Shift the focus of sales to China, the whole series of products realize electrified, and launch many differentiated new products...In the post-epidemic era, Dingli has always been adhering to the "Originality" spirit of practicing basic skills, constantly innovating and striving for perfection, and has achieved great results.

    On August 18, Zhejiang Dingli formally reached a strategic cooperation intention with XJ Group, an industrial unit directly under State Grid and a large backbone and leading enterprise in China's power equipment industry.


    Zhang Xusheng, chairman of XJ Group, and Xu Shugen, chairman of Zhejiang Dingli, together with their core team members, discussed at the headquarters of XJ group.

[Xuji Uhvdc Engineering Test Center]

[Xuji supplies the world's first set of ±420 kV /1250 MW flexible DC converter valves]

    As an important auxiliary equipment for power grid operation, the aerial work platform plays a key role in improving quality and efficiency, running through the initial construction of the project and the maintenance in the middle and later stages. Moreover, XJ Group has already developed rich and perfect power grid system cooperation channels.

[Xuji has built the largest power grid side energy storage system project in China]

Aerial Working Area of Power Grid

    At present, most of the aerial working platforms of XJ Group currently in service in the power grid system are imported brands, which are facing difficulties such as long equipment cycle, slow maintenance response and high purchase cost.
    The most critical thing is that power grid operation requires extremely high safety and environmental protection of equipment. There are only a few manufacturers of "special" aerial working platforms with insulation technology and featuring zero emission and no pollution.
    At present, China has built a large-scale national electricity network, the demand for "special" aerial working platform is bound to continue to expand.


    Dingli is the 6th manufacturer of aerial working platform (Access M20) in the world. Its products cover telescopic and articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical lifts and other series, including high-meter boom lifts, adhering to the sustainable development concept of "Green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains", all of the products have realized "Green" electric, no noise and zero emission.


    At the same time, in order to achieve differentiated development, Dingli has acquired the Share of TEUPEN, the leading enterprise of the global spider type aerial working platform, so as to fully realize technology sharing.
    The TEUPPEN, through years of research and development, enjoys a worldwide reputation for insulation technology of its aerial working platform, with the maximum insulation ability up to 46kV and undoubted safety, which can fully meet the special working condition requirements of XJ Group.

Policy Guide
    In the post-epidemic era, in order to accelerate domestic economic development, relevant policies have been issued in advance.
    On May 14th, 2020, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee for the first time put forward the concept of "Two Cycles", that is, to give full play to China's advantages in the super-large market and the potential of domestic demand, and build a new pattern of development in which both domestic and international cycles reinforce each other.
    Then, on May 23, President Xi pointed out once again that a new pattern of development should be gradually formed in which domestic and international cycles play a dominant role and both domestic and international cycles promote each other.


    "XJ Group provides the cooperation channel of Dingli power grid system, and makes every effort to supply Xuji's 'special' aerial working equipment with first-class quality and perfect service."
    Under the guidance of the policy, through communication and negotiation, the two sides have successfully built a new road of economic "internal circulation" development by taking advantage of the large-scale market of State Grid.
    Including vehicular insulated aerial working platform roof, spidery insulated bucket aerial working platform, as well as Dingli's existing zero-emission, noiseless and pure electric high-meter heavy load boom lifts (454kg), scissor lifts and other cooperation directions.

[XJ Group's leaderships field visit to Zhejiang Dingli]

[Dingli's leaderships field visit to XJ Group]

    "Strong companies combine and complement each other's strengths."
    In the post-epidemic era, Zhejiang Dingli will continue to cultivate its main business, promote the win-win cooperation with XJ Group with the best attitude, explore more new economic growth points of "Internal Circulation", and contribute to the normal economic and social growth.