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August 15, 2020
Acquired 24% of the German TEUPEN’s Stock Rights, The Product Ecosystem of Dingli Is Expanding Again

  Forklifts, Glass Attachment Boom Lifts, Articulated Rail Mounted Boom Lifts... In recent years, on the basis of in-depth study of scissor lifts and boom lifts, we have continuously deepened technical innovation and comprehensively realized leapfrog development.
  On August 14, in order to actively create a product ecosystem of Dingli, Dingli signed a formal stock rights acquisition agreement with TEUPEN, the global leader of the spider aerial work platform, which is also another major overseas investment in Dingli's global layout after MAGNI of Italy and CMEC of the United States!

  German TEUPEN was founded in 1977, which is a professional design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of spider aerial work platform products. And it is the world's leading enterprises.
  Its products include self-propelled spider aerial work platform (insulated spider type) and vehicle-mounted insulated boom, etc., with working height covering 12-50 meters, it is the manufacturer of spider aerial work platform with the most complete series, the most extensive coverage and the largest load in the world.


TEUPEN Spider Aerial Working Platform


  Spider aerial working platform has four independent spider legs, large supporting area, small size of the whole machine after folding, with advantages of light and flexible, good reliability, high operating efficiency, wide working range, low failure rate, strong passability, convenient transportation, etc.

  TEUPEN spider aerial work platform is widely used. In addition to the general aerial work field, the insulated boom series products developed by TEUPEN can also be applied to power engineering and live maintenance of power grid.

  Zhejiang Dingli, as a global manufacturer of aerial work platform ranking the sixth (Access M20), after acquiring the German TEUPEN company stock rights, through the combination, will further longitudinal extension product lines, leasing companies enhance market competitiveness, as well as to the spider type, insulated vehicle-mounted aerial work platform to the domestic grid aerial working areas.

  In addition, after the acquisition of stock rights, Dingli will also take TEUPEN company as the location, the establishment of a new Dingli European Research and Development center (R&D, Germany), which is also after Dingli European R&D center (Italy) another important layout of technology globalization.
  Through technology sharing with TEUPEN, both parties will jointly develop a series of self-propelled boom lifts with large-load and high-meter(36-50 meters), and cooperate with a full series of electric equipment (boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical lifts, etc.) to create a whole series of product ecosystem!