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June 28, 2020
For building mezzanine, it is a good helper for aerial work, another strategic highland for leasing business!

    In recent years, with the rapid development of society and economy, urban high-rise has mushroomed, and the building mezzanine has become the new "battlefield" of aerial working platform.
However, due to the elevator load, boom lifts’ height and other problems, the mainstream scissor lifts and boom types appear "powerless".


    In this regard, Dingli is "in urgent need of customers" and has created "another blue sea" in the leasing market. JCPT0607DCS and JCPT0708DCS, which are small scissors lifts with less market ownership, large rent competitiveness, small size and flexibility, and focus on the operation of building mezzanine aerial work, have been launched.


    The two small scissor lifts are specially designed for building mezzanine aerial work. No matter the maximum working height, the maximum load capacity, the length, width and height of the whole machine, or the weight of the whole machine, they can perfectly adapt to the working environment in high-rise buildings and have the following multiple advantages!


First, The building mezzanine construction advantage

    1. The maximum working height is 5.6/7.6 meters, which is more than enough for the mezzanine height of the building.

    2. The general door of the engineering elevator is 1.8 meters high. After folding the fence with small scissors, the height is 1.66 meters and 1.76 meters respectively.

    3. The machine is small in size and weighs much less than the load of 1600kg of ordinary high-rise passenger elevators, which can enter and exit residential buildings and office elevators at will.
    4. All electric drives have advantages of high efficiency, noiseless, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection.



Second, The rental market has good returns

    1. Small size, light weight and low transportation cost.

    2. The purchase price of small scissor lifts is low, but the rental price is basically in line with the mainstream scissor lifts with a high return rate.
    3. In view of good operating conditions, the damage degree of the whole machine is relatively low and the maintenance cost is low.


Third. Excellent market development prospects in the future

    1. The small and medium-sized scissor lifts’ market in developed countries is one of the most popular scissor lifts, and the penetration rate in the domestic market will be higher and higher.
    2. With the continuous acceleration of urbanization, there are more and more tall buildings in the city, so the demand for small scissor lifts will increase.
    3. In addition to the building mezzanine, the small scissor lifts are also suitable for home decoration supermarket, construction supermarket, material warehouse,etc., with a wide range of applications.


Construction Case -- Zhejiang Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital

    The internal floors of this project are generally 3~4 meters high, and the medium and large aerial work platform is "overqualified". Combined with the actual working environment, this project selects the small scissor lifts with strong passability and flexible access to passenger elevators.

Construction Case --Hangzhou Vanke Real estate Project


Construction Case --Basement garage of Hong Kong Shopping Mall



Construction Case --Wuhan Xiehe Hospital


Construction Case --Wuxi Subway Line 3


To Help Indoor Aerial Work
    At present, JCPT0607DCS and JCPT0708DCS, both of which are cost-effective in Zhejiang Dingli, have been widely praised and become another "strategic highland" that leasing companies are scrambling to seize.

    When dealing with different working conditions and different scenes, choosing suitable aerial working equipment can maximize the benefits. The Dingliu small scissor lifts can make up for the product coverage of leasing companies in middle and low height floors, strengthen the market competitiveness of leasing companies and enhance economic benefits.