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January 11, 2020
Off to a good start! The first batch of the new boom lifts delivery ceremony of Keppel Sea Scan in Singapore is held ceremoniously!
    Soon after the bell of 2020 strikes, Zhejiang Dingli will usher in the "good start", the first overseas order of new boom series of the New Year is delivered smoothly.
    On the morning of November 11th , Zhejiang Dingli & Singapore Keppel Sea Scan group held the first batch of the new boom series delivery ceremony.Ms. Huang Yan, sales director of overseas sales of Zhejiang Dingli and Mr. KianHong Heng, assistant general manager of Keppel Sea Scan, shake hands and take a photo together.

Singapore Keppel Corporation
    Keppel Corporation is in more than 30 countries and has subsidiaries including Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M), Keppel Infrastructure, Keppel Investments and Keppel Property.
Among them, Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) is a global leader in offshore rig design, construction and repair, ship repair and conversion, and specialised shipbuilding.
Mr. Han Huajun (Third from the left), sales manager of Dingli Asia, and Mr. Lin Yaqing (Second from the right), general manager of keppel Sea Scan

Keppel Sea Scan Mr. Lin Yaqing, the General Manager:
    Zhejiang Dingli’s new boom lifts have reliable quality, superior performance, very suitable for our shipbuilding, maintenance and other work,and they are trustworthy. The delivered boom lifts will be used in the daily work of the shipyard starting next week.Later, we will continue to purchase related new boom series products, aerial working platforms, thanks for your help!
Keppel Sea Scan customized boom lift BT26SRT 

    In order to ensure the delivery of this batch of customized boom lifts, Dingli factory in late December staged a lively scene. On the same day, several sets of red, white and gray colored, and the max. working height of 26 meters of Dingli customized boom lifts: BT26SRT easily "sit on" the container, successfully shipped from Zhejiang Dingli to Singapore.
【Keppel Sea Scan Customized Boom Lift】:
Telescopic boom lift:BT26SRT
Heavy Load: The max. working height is 26.3m, and the S.W.L is 454kg. With 3 people working at the same time.
Strong Power: 4WD&4WS, equipped with the special axle for construction machinery, the gradeability is up to 50%.
Easy Maintenance: 95% of the main components are common, 80% of the structural parts are common, low maintenance cost and high efficiency.
High Chassis: big wheel hub, chassis from the ground clearance is 41cm, with great passability.
■ High Energy Saving: first-class high-end configuration, so that the machine performance matching degree is higher, so that the machine is more energy saving.
■ Stable Control: the center of gravity is designed to move down, with special intelligent control system, so that the machine is more stable and more stable operation.
■ Easy to Transport: perfect for flat car and containers and other transport methods, transportation is more convenient and fast.

In 2020, more boom series will be delivered in succession!
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