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February 26, 2020
Zhejiang Dingli Officially Starts the ‘Delivery Mode’!
  Since the resumption of work on the Feb. 17th, 2020, Zhejiang Dingli has been working at full speed to meet orders.
  This week, as logistics recovered, the company began to speed up the shipments.
Long queues of trucks for days on end
  In order to seize the time to catch up the order, according to the production schedule,Zhejiang Dingli's workshops have been working hard to promote production, the scissors lifts, boom lifts and other assembly lines are urgent production.
Workshop production is on fire
The products are busy with delivery
Overseas orders:
  "Since the 23rd of this month, more than 10 containers, including the boom lifts and scissors lifts, have been shipped overseas in batches every day, mainly to European and American countries."
Domestic orders:
  At present, as the logistics industry gradually normalizes, many domestic orders will be accelerated to ensure early delivery. 

More boom lifts and scissors lifts of Zhejiang Dingli are in delivery~

  Visiting customers, matching demands, tracking orders...Half of the first quarter of 2020 has been completed. Next, all departments of Zhejiang Dingli will open the most ‘HIGH mode’ of production and marketing, support production and sales with all our strength, and make a "good start" in the first quarter!