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December 26, 2019
Accelerated production and assembly, heavy load, large platform, high chassis scissors lift: JCPT2223RTB successively shipped!
    In September this year, Zhejiang Dingli launched a scissors lift JCPT2223RTB with the advantages of heavy load, large platform and high chassis.Once JCPT2223RTB was released, it quickly gained wide attention around the world.Up to now, has delivered nearly 100 sets at home and abroad, the popularity is increasing day by day.

▶ The max. working height is 22m, and more than one person can work at the same time.
▶ The max. load for full height drive is 750kg, and the whole machine can drive normally.
▶ Equipped with a 4.59m*2.25m working platform, with one-key extension platform up to 2.7m in size, and can be stopped at any point.
▶ Ground clearance is 0.4m, with strong passability.
▶ 4WD and 4WS, the turning radius is 1.25m/3.4m, more flexible.
▶  Equipped with special closed hydraulic drive system, the gradeability is up to 40%.
  Equipped with one-key leveling function, automatic leveling, the machine is more stable and safe.
▶  On the basis of standard Euro IV Engine, can be compatible with Euro V Engine at the same time, more environmentally friendly.


Full height travel, heavy load, one-key extension of large platform, 4WD&4WS high chassis

    Since the launch of JCPT2223RTB, both load and working height have been widely favored by the leasing companies, and other features are self-evident.
    In view of this, to cope with the steady increase in orders, the final assembly plant has been running at full capacity to accelerate production.

JCPT2223RTB is assembling
    Meanwhile, the delivery work is also proceeding in an orderly manner. The following is the video of JCPT2223RTB's recent delivery in the rain.
Two sets of JCPT2223RTB were deliver to the UK
    JCPT2223RTB, as the "eldest brother" in the aerial working platform of the scissors lifts, has many advantages that the leasing company is concerned about. Subsequently,Zhejiang Dingli will also successively launch the large scissors lifts: JCPT2223DC and JCPT2212DC to fully meet the customers' choice. Please pay attention!
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