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November 18, 2019
Large load, high chassis boom lift BT30RT won the "Most Influential Product of 2018"!
Recently, "Construction Machinery" magazine to build
China construction machinery's "The most influential products of 2018" list has been released
Zhejiang Dingli telescopic boom lift BT30RT ranked the list

  As the main machine of Zhejiang Dingli’s telescopic series, it has advanced design concept and manufacturing process, a series of high-end configuration, advantages include large load, strong power, easy maintenance, high chassis, high energy saving, stable operation...... Multi-angle, comprehensive solution to the industry difficulties and pain points, the industry and leasing customer have great recognition.
Construction Drawing
[Official Reasons for Inclusion]:
Telescopic boom lift---BT30RT
■ Large load: the maximum working height is 30.3 meters, the maximum load capacity is 454kg, 3 people can work at the same time.
■ Strong power:4DS, carrying special axle for construction machinery, gradeability up to 50%.
■ Easy maintenance: 95% of the main components are common, 80% of the structural parts are common, low maintenance cost and high efficiency.
■ High chassis: big wheel hub, chassis from the ground clearance is 41cm, with great passability.
■ High energy saving: first-class high-end configuration, so that the machine performance matching degree is higher, so that the machine is more energy saving.
■Stable control: the center of gravity is designed to move down, with special intelligent control system, so that the machine is more stable and more stable operation.
■ Easy to transport: perfect for flat car and containers and other transport methods, transportation is more convenient and fast.

BT30RT is working
  In addition to this honor, BT30RT also won the "MEWP Product of the Year 2019" issued by the global construction machinery industry conference, and was selected into the "Top 50 Products of China Construction Machinery 2019" list published by China construction machinery industry association, which shows the influence of the products in the global scope.

  BT30RT as the representative of Zhejiang Dingli’s  telescopic series has been "service" in the world, its characteristics is to provide customers with reliable aerial work solutions, and the market feedback continues to praise.
  As the "most influential" products, we believe that in the future, the Dingli’s telescopic series will create higher and better benefits for customers.