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October 25, 2019
APEX 2019丨Zhejiang Dingli with a variety of boutique, is coming!
APEX 2019
  At this exhibition, "Dingli Red" still shines in the whole hall, and many fine products appear one by one, including the new boom series, large rough-terrain scissor lifts, mini scissor lifts, maintenance-free pure lead battery...
Audience enthusiasm is not reduced, N1B2 booth full of popularity!
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The grand occasion of the booth

01 New boom lifts:BT24RT、BA28RT
   They have the following advantages: Large Load (454kg), Strong Power (Gradeability 50%), Easy Maintenance (95% common for main components, 80% common for structural parts, convenient maintenance for downshifting design), High Chassis (ground clearance 41cm), High Energy Saving, Stable Control......

02 Rough-Terrain Scissor Lifts:JCPT2223RTB
  ▶The maximum working height is 22 meters and the number of workers is more than one.
  ▶The maximum load of full stroke is 750kg, and the machine can walk normally.
  ▶The working platform size is 4.59m*2.25m, and the extended platform size is 2.7m, with a wider operating range.
  ▶The ground clearance of the whole machine is higher, up to 0.4m, and the passability is stronger.
  ▶4x4 drive steering, turning radius 1.25m/3.4m, more flexibility.

03 Axle of Articulating Boom Lifts:BA20ERT

04 Mini Scissor Lifts:0607DCS/0708DCS
Mini Scissor Lifts
  ▶The maximum working height is 5.6m and 7.6m, meeting the construction height requirements of the floor.
  ▶After the rails folding down, the height of the fence is 1.66 meters and 1.76 meters respectively, with good passability.
  ▶The machine is small in volume and its weight is far lower than the general passenger lift load of 1600kg.
  ▶Battery-driven, with high efficiency, low noise, strong power and other advantages.

05 Pure Lead Battery
  ▶High efficiency: to meet the leasers' requirements for high current discharge performance and high cycle capacity.
  ▶Safety: there is no possibility of spontaneous combustion and explosion.
  ▶Economy: The warranty is 2 years and the service is 4 years;Battery life up to 24 months;Purchase price equivalent to ordinary lead-acid batteries;The scrap value of pure lead structure is high.
  ▶Convenience: match all charger types, no need for battery management system (BMS) control, no need to add counterweight.

Crowded Conditions
  This exhibition, Zhejiang Dingli with profound brand strength and good technical innovation, again won the rental companies at home and abroad, visitors to the unanimous praise.
  Among them, the new boom series that already entered the market is praised ceaselessly more.During the exhibition, the pure lead battery developed by Dingli caused hot discussion on the spot, and the on-site negotiation area was full of people.
[domestic and foreign customers visit and negotiate]
  Craftsmanship cast quality, details determine success or failure.In the future, we will continue to study the technology, to solve all kinds of problems for leasing companies, to promote the development of the aerial working platform industry at a higher level.

Welcome to Zhejiang Dingli N1B2 booth...