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October 11, 2019
Zhejiang Dingli and the world's most stringent, Japan's largest leasing company Nikken Corporation full cooperation!
  Recently, Zhejiang Dingli’s sales and after-sales staff have been invited to Japan again. 
  The mission to Japan is to conduct a three-day training for technical and quality executives of Nikken Corporation, Japan's largest aerial working platform leasing company. During the training, the detailed service and explanation were well received by all trainees.

Nikken Corporation
 Nikken Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, ranks the 8th in the world and is the largest aerial working platform leasing enterprise in Japan, with more than 24,000 units of equipment and over 240 business outlets.
  It is worth mentioning that the Nikken Corporation is recognized as "the world's most stringent leasing company."

  As we all know, Japan is a global manufacturing country that strives for excellence in quality and service. Under the environment, Japan strictly implements the protection of local brands, and has strict requirements on foreign products entering Japan. However, it is an extravagant hope for Chinese products to enter Japan. Below such setting, Zhejiang Dingli force implements globalization strategy resolutely, begin layout of Japanese market resolutely.
  "The time-tested product quality, the well-known brand effect in the industry and the warm and considerate service are just the basis. I have heard that the Japanese market is difficult to enter, but the actual situation is more difficult than expected." Han Huajun, sales director of the Asian region of Dingli, introduced that in addition to the countless times of sales staff to and from Japan to coordinate and communicate, the prototype to and from Japan to transport repeated trial test, technical staff control requirements and changes and adjustments, many domestic rental companies also recommended Dingli to their Japanese counterparts. Lasted 5 years, in the multi-joint collaboration, the effort to successfully open the Japanese market.
  In 2017, Zhejiang Dingli and Japan NJM company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Dingli products began to enter Japan.
At the same time, the cooperation with NJM also let the effort of product quality knowledge to reach a new height. After that, under the premise of the original globally recognized quality of excellent products, Zhejiang Dingli's efforts once again comprehensively improve the technical level, all products before leaving factory, the inspection process required to cover every accessory, every oil pipeline pipe, every screw and nut.
  From Shanghai bauma exhibition visit Dingli booth, Dingli factory site inspection at the end of 18 years, and then to Munich bauma exhibition communication and coordination, under the communication and understanding, Japan's largest leasing company Nikken Corporation also began to focus Dingli products!

During the Dingli factory visit, chairman Xu Shugen took a photo with Mr. Nandai, President of Nikken Corporation

  "Since 2016, we have started to use Dingli’s aerial working platform in small batches. In the process of use, the product quality is excellent, the customer praise rate is high, the rental benefit is very good!
  These completely eliminate our concerns about product quality! With the increase of rental equipment, we begin to plan to purchase a large number of manufacturers of equipment, but also in urgent need of your efforts to bring us the most professional training!
——Nikken Corporation

  With such an encounter, Nikken Corporation began to purchase a large number of Dingli’s equipment in July this year, the first batch of different specifications and models of the aerial working platform up to hundreds, there will be a recent training activities.
  There are two training stations in total, namely Nikken Corporation Saitama business center and Kobe business center. The training personnel are mainly composed of technical and quality backbone, nearly 100, and the content is theoretical explanation, practical operation, fault diagnosis and so on.

Theory + Practice


  After the training, the technical and quality supervisors of Nikken Corporation have benefited a lot and are quite satisfied!

  Through this training and technical exchange, Nikken fully affirmed the quality of our products and service level.As Nikken Corporation executives point out, Dingli is one of the few equipment makers in the world that can meet all of Nikken's requirements.

The Japanese side carefully inspected the delivered equipment
  Japan, is the world's highest equipment requirements country, and Japan is the most "Picky" rental companies in Japan.For the full force, the strict standards of the Nikken Corporation, also greatly promoted our own, we will continue this style in the future, keep improving! 
  Later, the two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation, looking forward to "strong red" appear in every corner of Japan.
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