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October 09, 2019
Create a New Era丨Zhejiang Dingli Pure Lead Battery Aerial Working Platform for Sale!
    Lasting 5 years, after thousands of tests, Zhejiang Dingli and the world famous "Power System Field Experts" Germany Hoppecke joint research and development of quality assurance 2 years, life up to 4 years of pure lead batteries now officially enter the market.
    At this moment, the choice of the battery for aerial working platform industry officially entered a new era.

    In view of the above problems, "to save the operating costs of the lessee" has become the original intention of the research and development of pure lead batteries.
    In addition to strictly adhering to the advantages of lithium battery, pure lead battery in the efficiency, safety, economy, convenience and other full life cycle has excellent performance.

1. Efficiency
    Pure lead battery USES pure lead to produce the electrode, the electrode plate is thinner, so that the battery energy and power density is greatly increased, fully meet the leasers' requirements for the battery's high current discharge performance and high cycle capacity.
    Through sheet metal technology, the pure lead battery also achieves extremely high energy efficiency, and realizes the characteristics of quick charging and intermittent charging, which is suitable for the working state of the aerial working platform with the use and charge.

2. Safety
    By greatly reducing the self-discharge rate, the battery storage cycle of pure lead battery is up to 24 months.After modifying the main battery components, the heat generated by pure lead batteries remained at a safe level, far superior to normal batteries, even at 55℃.
    Reassuringly, there is no possibility of spontaneous combustion or explosion of pure lead batteries.

3. Economy
    Pure lead batteries do not require complex battery management system (BMS) controls, reducing electrical component failure factors and cost inputs.
    Battery procurement and maintenance costs are the largest expenditure, but the purchase price of pure lead batteries is the same as ordinary lead-acid batteries.
Due to the structure of pure lead, its scrap value is still high.

4. Convenience
    The weight and size of pure lead batteries are the same as that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. No additional weight is required for installation and replacement.
    In addition, the pure lead battery can also match all AMG charger types, and can be replaced to any brand of aerial working platform, convenient and fast.
    As a new generation of milestone economic "Lithium Battery", to accelerate the service leasing company, Zhejiang Dingli carrying pure lead battery aerial working platform is now available for sale!

Pure lead battery aerial working platform ready for launch
    At present, due to the shortage of supply, according to the production scheduling plan, pure lead battery aerial working platform and pure lead battery sales are being carried out one after another, customers of the waiting leasing company please wait patiently. Zhejiang Dingli will serve you wholeheartedly, please forgive us for any inconvenience!
Pure lead battery aerial work platform delivery busy