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July 20, 2019
Dingli "spider-man" national "premiere"!From now on, it is officially “on sale”!
Recently, the movie "SPIDER-MAN:Far From Home" hit the screen. In addition to the amazing special effects in the movie, people are also fascinated by spider-man's skills and performance.
It is in view of the huge advantages of spider form that the spider aerial working platform came into being.
As one of “the Top 10 Manufacturers of Aerial Working Platform Industry In 2018”, Zhejiang Dingli has entered into a comprehensive strategic partnership with Platform Basket, an Italian professional manufacturer of spider aerial working platform among “the Top 30 Global Manufacturers of Aerial Working Platform", and has become the exclusive agent of spider aerial working platform in China.
Strong alliance, Dingli "spider-man" national "premiere"
Platform Basket Company
Platform Basket, founded in 2005, is a leading enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of spider aerial work platforms. All design and manufacturing processes are originated in Italy. All types of spider aerial work platforms cover the working heights of 11.4 meters to 43.2 meters.
Over the past ten years, Platform Basket company enjoys a worldwide reputation for its good dedication, professionalism and customer service spirit, providing customers with the most reliable aerial work solutions.

Spider Aerial Work Platform Advantages
Compared with the common aerial work platform, the biggest characteristic of spider aerial work platform is that it has 4 independent spider legs, which can obtain a large support area.After the supporting leg is folded up, the machine size is small, with good reliability, high efficiency, wide range of work, strong adaptability, strong passability and other characteristics.
Leg contraction, small size, strong passability
Spider Aerial Work Platform Application
Application Scenarios:
Spider aerial work platform is widely used, in addition to the airport railway station, science and technology museum, shopping mall complex, stadium and other large buildings, the chassis of its small width can also ensure the equipment to enter the narrow channel and crowded work area for height climbing.
Aircraft Maintenance
Work in Small Indoor Spaces
In view of the unique design of spider legs, it is also suitable for slope, soft soil and other places.
A meadow with loose soil
Spider Aerial Work Platform Power options
Multiple power options:
The maximum working height of the spider aerial work platform is 11.4 meters to 43.2 meters, and the power source can be selected as AC motor, battery (Lithium battery), gasoline or diesel engine, etc., which can adapt to more complex scenes for work.
Platform Basket, as the top manufacturer of spider aerial working platform, has been deeply engaged in this field for more than ten years. All its products were born in Italy, the capital of industrial design in the world, and have won the reputation all over the world. Platform Basket has the absolute right to speak in the field of spider aerial working platform.
Zhejiang Dingli has always been adhering to the craftsman attitude of "professional people do professional things", believing that leasing companies provide the best quality products for the purpose of development. The cooperation with Platform Basket is aimed at enriching the product line and giving leasing companies more choices, thus greatly enhancing the market competitiveness of leasing companies.