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July 24, 2019
IPAF Asia Conference gold sponsorship! Deliver safety, Dingli is consistent
   From July 17 to 18, the 8th IPAF Asia Conference was held in hangzhou, where more than 300 global manufacturers, leasing companies and industry professionals gathered.
   Share cutting-edge technologies in the industry, seek future development of the industry, and pass on the concept of industry security...The conference site is full of dry goods.

IPAF Asia Conference Opens

IPAF acting CEO delivers opening speech

    In recent years, with the rapid and healthy development of aerial work industry, people's safety awareness of aerial work has been constantly improved.During the conference, a number of speeches related to “industry safety, including sales, leasing, and safety”, by Mr. Bai Ri (pictured up), China representative of IPAF, and Mr. Angel Ibanez (pictured down), global representative of IPAF MCWPs and related products, were presented.
   The vice President of sales, Mr. Xu Zhong was also invited to participate in the theme of “New Generation = New Direction of MEWP Industry?”  In the roundtable discussion, the author Shared his views and understanding on the existing problems and future development of the industry, and also introduced Zhejiang Dingli's measures and determination to promote the development of domestic aerial work platform industry.

Mr. Xu zhong Shared his views on the future development of the industry

    As IPAF member, over the years, whether it's power industry development, and foreign training, Zhejiang Dingli always will be "safe" as a top priority, the development of the enterprise as own duty, r&d and design the high security, good stability, good handling of products, including the latest new arm type series is plagued by market.

Picture of New boom’s Construction
    In order to make the participants more intuitive understanding of the new boom series, Zhejiang Dingli as the gold sponsor of this meeting, in addition to sponsoring the rich dinner, also showed the new boom has a sense of science and technology video and PPT presentation, the visual impact of the intuitive led to repeated applause.

New Boom series content explanation
     During the meeting, chairman Xu Shugen delivered a speech, welcoming all participants to hangzhou.

Chairman Xu Shugen delivered a speech

     As an auxiliary tool for aerial work, "safety" is the first priority.In order to provide customers with high-quality products, we have spent a lot of money to introduce a series of advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, such as CNC laser robot imported from Germany, automatic bending robot imported from Germany and automatic welding robot imported from Japan.

Automatic welding robot workshop
    It was in view of Zhejiang Dingli’s first-class intellectual manufacturing ability and positioning as the "gatekeeper" of aerial work safety that the participants of the IPAF Asia summit gave him a very high evaluation in the form of visiting and investigating during the "Dingli Tour" activity.
    In order to fully understand the brand strength of Dingli, the participants also watched the demonstration of Dingli's new boom series, bridge articulating boom lift(Electric), telescopic bridge platform, scissors lift(RT), multi-function forklift loader and other products.

bridge articulating boom lift(Electric) Display

telescopic bridge platform display

New Boom lift display

    After watching many product demonstrations, the participants fully affirmed the high height, heavy load, strong power, easy maintenance, high energy saving and other advantages of Zhejiang Dingli’s new boom lifts.After the visit, we are more determined to Zhejiang Dingli comprehensive strength, at the same time, the new arm series will realize the mass production is full of expectations.In the past ten years, the domestic high-altitude platform rental market has grown from nothing and entered a stage of rapid development. Zhejiang dingli was fortunate to participate in and witness all this.Behind the rise of the market is the safety awareness and security of the altitude workers, which is the original intention of the establishment of your force, but also always strive for the direction and goal.
    In the future, Zhejiang Dingli will continue to spare no effort to promote the development of the domestic industry, build a bridge between IPAF and ground floor aerial workers, give full play to the role of IPAF training center, deliver every safety concept, and make the healthy development of domestic aerial work industry to a higher level.