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June 21, 2019
Italy in-depth industrial tour, Zhejiang Dingli and 15 leasing companies to investigate Platform Basket Spider Lifts and Magni Telescopic arm forklifts factory!
  When you think of Italy, you will think of Italian style, art and fashion.In addition to the world's recognized fashion capital and art city, "Italian Design" is also internationally renowned.
  Thanks to the top "Italian Industrial Design", for decades, the world's top sports car brands and leading enterprises in construction machinery have set up design and development institutions in this region, and the Dingli’s new boom lift series was born in the R&D center of Dingli Europe (Italy).

The R&D center of Dingli·Europe (Italy)

  From June 11 to 17, Xu Zhong, the deputy general manager of Zhejiang Dingli, led a team of 15 leasing company customers to Italy, "the design capital of the world", the hometown of new boom lift series. They visited the Platform Basket company, the manufacturer of spider type aerial working Platform, and Magni company, the manufacturer of telescopic arm forklift, and deeply appreciated the charm of leading industrial design.

the Platform Basket company

01 Platform Basket company
  Platform Basket, founded in 2005, is an enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of spider type aerial working Platform. Over the past ten years, Platform Basket enjoys a worldwide reputation for its good dedication, professionalism and customer service spirit.
  Various types of spider type aerial work platforms manufactured by Platform Basket cover the working height from 13.4 meters to 43.18 meters.

Spider Type Aerial Work Platforms

  During the visit, leasing company customers also went deep into the factory of Platform Basket company to watch the whole process of production and assembly of the spiderlike aerial working Platform and experienced the excellent performance of some products on site.In addition to marveling at the leading design, leasing company customers are impressed by Platform Basket's modern, high-end equipment manufacturing techniques.

Visit the workshop and experience the spider products

It is worth mentioning that in order to further serve the leasing companies and meet the market demand for spider-type aerial work Platform, Zhejiang Dingli has signed a cooperation agreement with Platform Basket company and become the exclusive agent of Platform Basket company's spider-type aerial work Platform in China.So far, your product line will be more abundant, provide more options for leasing companies, and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of leasing companies.

02 Magni Company

Magni company part of the product display

  "Magni, an Italian company founded in the 1950s, is an experienced telescopic arm forklift company.Through 50 or 60 years of technology, Magni has developed first-class product design and development capabilities, and its products are internationally renowned and have an absolute say in the industry."

Learning, communicating and experiencing
Most rental companies are familiar with forklifts, as Dingli have been the exclusive agent of Magni since 2016, extending our product line vertically into forklifts.

The Hometown of the new boom lift
Spider type aerial working platforms, telescopic arm forklifts...Rental-company clients were "eye-opening" after witnessing Italy's leading industrial designs.Dingli’s new boom lift series are also "born in a famous family", born in Italy, the industrial design level of the whole series can be seen!


Chairman Xu Shugen and Mr. Riccardo Magni of Magni
  In 2016, Zhejiang Dingli acquired 20% shares of Magni company, and Dingli European (Italy) R&D center was established subsequently. Since then, through the joint efforts of both design teams, there is now in short supply of the full force of the new arm style!
  In the future, in addition to relying on Dingli European (Italy) R&D center, innovative efforts to create more high quality intelligent aerial work platform, full of Zhejiang Dingli will also continue to deepen our collaboration with Platform Basket and Magni enterprises in Italy, win-win co-operation, further longitudinal extension product lines, continuously to performance excellence, leading technology of all kinds of aerial work platform to domestic leasing companies, leasing companies enhance market competitiveness in an all-round way.
The activity is continuing.
Please Stay tuned!