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November 29, 2018
2018 Zhejiang Dingli Brand Release and Customer Appreciation Banquet Held Successfully
On November 28th, bauma CHINA 2018 was in full swing. That night, “Beyond • New Heights”——2018 Zhejiang Dingli Brand Release and Customer Appreciation Banquet was held in Chateau Star River Pudong, Shanghai. More than 700 people including strategic partners, new and old customers, and mainstream media representatives at home and abroad gathered together to discuss friendship, cooperation and common development.
At 05:40, the guests arrived one after another.

Guests on the scene signed on signature wall 
With the passage of time, at 6:20, the Zhejiang Dingli brand release and customer appreciation banquet officially kicked off.
On the opening dance, the performance of the “Chinese Dragon,  The Golden Age of The Dragon” program by six young men dressed in Chinese dragon uniform costumes instantly ignited the scene.
Mr. Xu Shugen, Chairman of Zhejiang Dingli, first delivered a speech, expressing his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests and customers at the scene for their arrival. He said that for more than 10 years, Dingli has been pursuing the business philosophy of "customer first, market leading, and enthusiastic service", and has formed a close community of interests with everyone, with great progress has been made. In recent years, the good trend of development is inseparable from the trust and love of our customers, friends and partners. For this reason, Zhejiang Dingli will continue its efforts, come up with more and better products and services, cooperate closely with you, and further deepen our friendship. We will deepen mutually beneficial and win-win relations and work hand in hand to make greater achievements.
Scientific and technological innovation of products is the core competitiveness of enterprises. At the opening of the bauma exhibition on the 27th, Zhejiang Dingli launched 6 new upgraded boom-type products, which received high attention from domestic and foreign audiences, and became a major highlight of this exhibition.
What are the features of these new products? What changes will it bring to the industry in the future? After Chairman Xu Shugen's speech, Mr. Chen Jinchen, Vice General Manager of Zhejiang Dingli, gave a wonderful speech entitled “Exceed • New heights” with graphic and text introductions of new products, various highlights of technological innovation, and product development trends of Dingli in the future. His answers to a series of focal questions received a strong response from the guests at the scene.
After the introduction of the new upgraded boom-type products, the launch ceremony of the brand of Zhejiang Dingli officially kicked off.
With the invitation of the host, 8 brand release guests including Mr. Xu Shugen, Chairman of Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Shijin, General Manager of China Construction Bright Futures Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Yang Feng, General Manager of Henan Tongguan Group,Mr. Wang Yiping, General Manager, Industrial Equipment Division, SHANGHAI HORIZIN EQUIPMENT Co., Ltd., Mr. Riccardo Magni of Magni Company of Italy, Mr. Gary Crook of MULTI ENRIGHMENT CORPORATION of the United States,Mr. Desmond Ong of Singapore's Galmon Company and Mr. Steve of Hertz equipment went on stage one after another to officially launch the new brand release ceremony. 
“Innovation in the Inheritance, Exceed•New heights” is the upgrade concept of the company’s brand image. In line with the development concept of 'Exceed•new heights', Zhejiang Dingli has completed the systematic upgrade of the brand with the idea of “Innovation in the Inheritance”. After the upgrade, the brand is easier to identify, more international, and conveys a more secure and efficient concept. Let’s once again congratulate Dingli's new brand on its official release with warm applause. The host's exposition of the brand meaning of “Beyond· New Heights” directly pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.
Subsequently, Chairman Xu Shugen toasted and invited all guests and friends to propose a toast to the common development. The whole audience raised the glass to celebrate, then the customer appreciation banquet culminated in a joyous and peaceful atmosphere.
During the dinner, Zhejiang Dingli specially prepared rich and colorful entertainment programs for the guests. In the wonderful sound of music, guests enjoyed the wine, the visual, auditory and taste of the intertwined pageant.