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December 04, 2018
bauma CHINA 2018 Ended Successfully • Zhejiang Dingli Enjoyed a Complete Success
On November 30, the four-day bauma CHINA 2018 ended successfully. The exhibition ushered 3,350 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions worldwide, highlighting the new height of the construction machinery industry.
Zhejiang Dingli is the leading enterprise of aerial work platform in China and the first A-share listed company in the industry. More than 40 products of Zhejiang Dingli were exhibited, and six new upgraded arm-type products released in the exhibition. It continues to keep the record of the largest exhibition area, the most exhibits and the most new products of Shanghai bamuas of the aerial work platform over the years, and comprehensively highlights its smart products and brand strength.
On the first day of the exhibition, the six new upgraded arm-type products researched and developed by Italy and made with “smart technology” by Dingli (straight-arm types: BT30RT, BT28RT, BT26RT and BT24RT; and crank-arm types: BA28RT and BA24RT) were released, which arose the admiration of on-site audience and shocked visiting customers from home and abroad.
What are the advantages of the new arm-type products? Compared with the existing models in the industry, the subversive design concept of Zhejiang Dingli has many overwhelming advantages.
I. In terms of familial and modular design:
① The versatility of components and structural parts makes it convenient for the automatic production arrangement of the manufacturing plant.
② The features of assembly unity, low error rate as well as high efficiency make the products be suitable for mass production on the assembly lines.
③ Main parts and structural parts specifications and models uniform, leasing company customers transport, storage costs light.
④ The product could incur low costs for rental company customers in the aspects of repair and maintenance as well as accessories’ warehousing.
II. In terms of differentiated design:
① The product is configured with Dana axle chassis, Bosch Rexroth high-pressure pump and motor, Deutz engine (Europe IV and V as options), Danfoss PVG hydraulic control system, Brevini slewing gearbox and bearing , Helac platform rotation system and other parts of the world’s top brands to fully improve its performance.
② Super large load: The load capacity is up to 450 kg, more than 30% higher than similar models in the industry, to maximize the operational capacity.
③ Sunken design: The world's first overall component downshift design, moving the engine, fuel tank, counterweight and other components down, reducing the center of gravity of the machine, so that product stability can reach a new level. All components are located on both sides of the chassis for great ease of maintenance. The whole machine is beautiful in appearance and very eye-catching.
④ Super high working height: the maximum working height of the straight boom type is 30 meters (with telescopic jib), and the articulated boom type is 28 meters, exceeding 2 meters of the same model in the industry, which is suitable for higher working environment.
⑤ Lightweight design: The whole transporter adopts the structure design enjoying the global patent protection, combined with the perfect application of high-strength materials, to ensure the stability of operation; at the same time, the transporter model is more than 1 ton lighter than the same model in the industry, so that it could realize the goals of convenient transportation and controllable cost.
III. In terms of customization:
① Optional hydraulic generator.
② Standard platform secondary guarding protection system.
③ Different color products available upon request.
In view of the unique appearance design and industry-leading technical advantages, internationally renowned lessors and agent customers from America, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, etc. have stopped in the Dingli exhibition area, focusing on the new arm-type products, and the scene was action-packed.
▲ Loxam from France
▲ Riwal from Netherlands
▲Sunstate from America
▲ Nikken from Japan
▲ Galmon from Singapore
Similarly, the new arm-type products of Zhejiang Dingli are also highly favored by well-known lessors in China such as Shanghai Horizon Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd., China Construction Bright Futures Machinery Co., Ltd., Henan Tonguan Group, Zhongding Group and Beijing ChengShiCheng Light Machinery Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.
▲ Horizon
▲ Tonguan
▲ Zhongding
The abundant product lineup, detailed information materials, enthusiastic sales staff, professional technical team... all of this make customers highly praise the products and services of Zhejiang Dingli.
As of the November 30, the new arm-type products of Zhejiang Dingli have won orders from about 200 global lessors. The rest of the exhibits obtained rave reviews, with the orders keeping pouring in. All the exhibits were almost sold out.
In response to the demands of customers, Xu Shugen, the President of Zhejiang Dingli, said that the new arm-type products will be produced in small scale. Meanwhile, Zhejiang Dingli will speed up the construction of four-phase large-scale intelligent factories to provide guarantee for mass production of arm-type products. Currently, the first new arm-type product, BT30RT, has been sent to the largest lessor in the United States. 
During the exhibition, representatives from world-renowned lessor visited Zhejiang Dingli for on-the-spot visits every day. They appreciated the advanced management concepts, innovation level and intelligent manufacturing technology of Zhejiang Dingli. Moreover, they expressed their expectation for the construction of its four-phase large-scale intelligent factories.
On the evening of November 28, Zhejiang Dingli also held the largest appreciation banquet in the aerial work platform industry. At the banquet, more than 700 people including the representatives of strategic partners, lessors and mainstream media from home and abroad gathered together to renew the friendship, discuss the cooperation and seek the common development.
With the support of eight brand release guests, the new brand of Zhejiang Dingli was released.
After years of trials and hardships of market, and the refulgence of bauma CHINA 2018, we firmly believe that Zhejiang Dingli will continue to lead the industry to a higher level with the spirit of continuous innovation and ingenuity.
Bauma CHINA 2018 has ended perfectly. Two years later, in the bamua CHINA 2020 (Shanghai), Zhejiang Dingli will continue to launch more innovative products based on the favor of global customers, and strive to become a world-class intelligent manufacturer,. We look forward to the next togetherness!