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November 28, 2018
Zhejiang Dingli Launches New Upgraded Boom-type Products
On November 27th, the world's top construction machinery industry event "China Construction Machinery First Exhibition" - bauma China 2018 launched in Shanghai New International Expo Center.
As China's leading aerial platform, Zhejiang Dingli has made a comeback after lying low for two years. With over 40 original products and 10 highly-recommended new products, Dingli made a gorgeous debut at Booth H11 in the exhibition area of more than 2000 square meters.
Booth H11 is one of the largest exhibitors at bauma, with fluttering flags and numerous products in the area, forming a spectacular scene. What is particularly eye-catching is that at the new product launch site, you can see six high-altitude platform products covered with red hijab. They are the brand-new boom-type products from Dingli and they are waiting for the guests to uncover their respect.
At 9:30 in the morning, the release of new products officially kicked off. Internationally renowned agents and leasing companies from Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and other countries were invited to come. Representatives from domestic well-known leasing Business such as SHANGHAI HORIZIN EQUIPMENT, HENAN TONGGUAN GROUP, General Manager of China Construction Bright Futures,Beijing ChengshiCheng light, Shaanxi Zhongding Machinery and other companies arrived on schedule, and more than 20 mainstream media at home and abroad came to the fore.
What are the features of the 6 new products? What changes will it bring to the industry in the future? Chen Jinchen, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Dingli, first delivered a speech: "In the last bauma exhibition, we first launched 8 new boom-type products designed by Italy, which received strong response in the industry and were well received by customers. In order to bring better-quality products to our customers, we have been constantly studying the details, working hard and striving for excellence ovwe the past 2 years. The 6 new upgraded boom-type products in front of you are the results of our hard work over the past two years..."
The six new products include four straight boom lifts (BT30RT, BT28RT, BT26RT and BT24RT) and two articulated boom lifts (BA28RT and BA24RT). The maximum working height of straight boom series reaches 30m, and the rated load of the platform reaches 450kg. The maximum working height of articulated boom series reaches 28m and the rated load of the platform reaches 320kg, all of which are the highest in the same series of products in the industry.
The upgraded version continues the industry's first overall component downshift design, adhering to the family-style modular concept, relying on a series of high-end configurations such as the global technology-leading American Dana construction machinery drive axle, the German Rexroth high-pressure drive system and the Danfoss PVG hydraulic control system. All these performance guarantees create the pinnacle of the industry with the best performance, the best customer experience, the lowest equipment failure rate and the most convenient maintenance.
The product features are as follows:
I. In terms of familial and modular design:
① The versatility of components and structural parts makes it convenient for the automatic production arrangement of the manufacturing plant.
② The features of assembly unity, low error rate as well as high efficiency make the products be suitable for mass production on the assembly lines.
③ The unified specifications and models could incur low transport and warehousing costs for rental company customers.
④ The product could incur low costs for rental company customers in the aspects of repair and maintenance as well as accessories’ warehousing.
II. In terms of differentiated design:
① The product is configured with Dana axle chassis, Bosch Rexroth high-pressure pump and motor, Deutz engine (Europe IV and V as options), Danfoss PVG hydraulic control system, Brevini slewing gearbox and bearing , Helac platform rotation system and other parts of the world’s top brands to fully improve its performance.
② Super large load: The load capacity is up to 450 kg, more than 30% higher than similar models in the industry, to maximize the operational capacity.
③ Sunken design: The world's first overall component downshift design, moving the engine, fuel tank, counterweight and other components down, reducing the center of gravity of the machine, so that product stability can reach a new level. All components are located on both sides of the chassis for great ease of maintenance. The whole machine is beautiful in appearance and very eye-catching.
④ Super high working height: the maximum working height of the straight boom type is 30 meters (with telescopic jib), and the articulated boom type is 28 meters, exceeding 2 meters of the same model in the industry, which is suitable for higher working environment.
⑤ Lightweight design: The whole transporter adopts the structure design enjoying the global patent protection, combined with the perfect application of high-strength materials, to ensure the stability of operation; at the same time, the transporter model is more than 1 ton lighter than the same model in the industry, so that it could realize the goals of convenient transportation and controllable cost.
III. In terms of customization:
① Optional hydraulic generator and hydraulic welding machine.
② Standard platform secondary guarding protection system.
③ Different color products available upon request.
At present, Zhengjiang Dingli’s Phase IV of large boom transporter intelligent manufacturing plant, which covers an area of 362 mu and enjoys an annual output of 3,200 sets, is under intensive construction and expected to put into production at the end of 2019. Its completion will provide the most solid guarantee for the intelligent manufacturing and mass production of Dingli’s new series of boom products.
       Afterwards, Mr. Carlo Magni, General Manager of Magni Telescopic Handlers Srl, Product Designer, made a passionate speech on stage and wished Zhejiang Dingli a great success during 2018 Bauma.
Then came the unveiling of the products. Accompanied by the passionate dynamic music, all the lenses and eyes are focused on 6 sets of new upgraded boom type products. With the announcement of the host, 12 honored guests came to the stage excitedly to unveil the red covering. The stunning new products instantly ignited the enthusiasm on the scene, drew applause from the audiences and became a hotspot of aerial work platform industry during the Bauma.
At this exhibition, Zhejiang Dingli also displayed a series of advanced working platform products, such as rear wheels leveling scissors platform, battery power articulated boom lift with axle drive , lithium battery power scissor lifts and explosion-proof scissor lifts. The frontline technology and future development trends of the aerial work platform are presented one by one, which highlights the mind and ambition of the industry leader of the aerial work platform.
Zhejiang Dingli has subverted 60 years of European and American traditional design concepts, created a new era of intelligent aerial work platform, and promoted the global industry to a higher level. It is believed that in the next few days of the exhibition, Zhejiang Dingli will present a visual feast with the most scientific and technological sense for the visiting groups, merchants and visitors at home and abroad.