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July 05, 2018
KHL Global Ranking Was Issued and Dingli Ranked First in China Again, with the Highest Annual Growth Rate
Recently, Access International, KHL Group’s a world famous magazine of aerial working platform, published a list of top 20 global aerial working platform manufactures (AccessM20) 2017. In the list, Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd moved up five to rank the twelfth from 2016, being the No. 1 among Chinese enterprises and with the highest annual sales growth rate in the world.
As a leader in China’s aerial working platform industry, Dingli has been ranked in the AccessM20 for consecutive years, and its ranking rose continuously. Access International indicated that the 12th place held by Dingli shows that it is an actually accepted global supplier now.

Continuous progress made by Dingli heavily relies on the following aspects:

1. Superiority in products. After years of development, Zhejiang Dingli has developed 6 series and more than 80 different specifications of aerial working platforms, such as telescopic boom lifts, articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts and vertical lifts. In 2017, under the support of its R&D center in Europe, provincial level developmental institute and technology center, Dingli accelerated the development of high-end intelligent aerial working platform, introducing new products constantly. Based on disruptive design from Italy, multiple families of new boom-type modular aerial working platforms were developed. With the introduction of intelligent robot formwork lift, the situation where there are no professed machines in formwork and arch ring grabbing, lifting and handling during concrete converge came to an end. Dingli also launched GTBZ20SU, JCPT1612 and other customized new products, and further optimized and improved the product structure.

2. Service advantage. Dingli further implement the concept of all-round assisting service, and establishes a sound, comprehensive and professional service system covering the whole-process of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. Recent formal establishment of Dingli IPAF Training Center will provide customer-specific training, further improve the customized training system, and comprehensively promote the safe working awareness and operating skills of domestic and foreign users, to truly make the “soft power” of service being the “top priority” in the enterprise development.
3. Intelligent manufacturing. Dingli has various intelligent high-end production facilities, such as CNC laser cutting machines, automatic bending robots, automatic welding robots, automatic pretreatment lines, and spraying lines. Beyond that, its intelligent assembly line can deliver products at the highest speed in the industry, averagely one product per 13 minutes. In 2017, Dingli further introduced advanced process equipment to boost replacing human with machine, so as to increase production efficiency and product quality. With a series of world-leading intelligent production equipment, Dingli organizes production in strict accordance with the highest international standards, effectively guarantees product standardization, and creates the highest-quality products in the aerial working platform industry.
To speed up Dingli’s development, a “construction project of large-scale intelligent aerial working platform” is in progress. Upon its completion, it will improve Dingli’s production capacity of boom-type products, to further ensure winning the share of global high-end market.
In the future, Dingli will continue to be a domestic industry leader and apply greater strength to keep trying to let Chinese aerial working industry reach the highest level in the world.