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February 09, 2017
Zhejiang Dingli Is Busy in Production and Marketing in Early Spring
After the Spring Festival, at the beginning of spring, both production and marketing thrive in the factory of Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Dingli). Employees are engaged in production, working for orders and hurrying up for delivery.
In manufacturing shop, intelligentized production line produces in assembly line at full speed. Every process works busily in an orderly way. Everything is thriving. Employees welcome a brand new year at their positions with full passion.
Rows of new scissor lifts are wearing Dingli Red, which are particularly attractive and beautiful, and labeled as transporting to countries including America, Japan and Germany, just like welcoming the review of customers at home and abroad.
On the delivery site, employees are busy loading the new aerial work platforms on the carrier vehicles, sending to all parts of the country and overseas.
The realization of New Year’s “good start” of Zhejiang Dingli, benefits from the innovation driving, varieties increase, quality improvement and trademark creation, which create a new growth point.
The beginning determines the whole situation; the starting determines the whole journey. In the face of a good starting in the early spring, in which both the production and marketing thrive, Zhejiang Dingli will make greater achievements this year.