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November 21, 2015
Brand-new Upgrading of Series JCPT (CRT) - Great Enhancement of Off-road Performance
In order to meet the operation demands of various complicated working conditions and enhance the work efficiency of the operator, the technical team of Zhejiang Dingli solves a series of technical problems, successfully completes technical upgrading of whole series of the off-road forked type aerial work platform and passes the strict test of complicated working conditions.
On the basis of maintaining the advantages such as heavy working load, excellent off-road performance and reasonable structure of the previous product, the hydraulic system and mechanical structure of the new product are upgraded greatly. The new product after upgrading has obviously enhanced off-road performance, more powerful power and more energy-efficient.

Take JCPT1217RTI, which is named after the 12m off-road forked type JCPT1217RT of the off-road family of Dingli as an example, the new product is upgraded in terms of following aspects.

I. Upgrade the hydraulic power supply system. The double pump package is used for the hydraulic motor system of JCPT1217RTI to enhance the work efficiency, with more powerful power and maximum gradeability of 40%, which is 1.33 times of the gradeability of JCPT1217RT. Therefore, it may easily meet the more complicated outdoor working conditions requirements.
II. Upgrade the hydraulic motor system. Compared with JCPT1217RT, JCPT1217RTI uses the hydraulic motor with higher power, has more powerful equipment driving force and easily climbs the barrier section, effectively enhancing its work efficiency.

III. Upgrade the hydraulic block system. Two different driving modes are employed for the hydraulic block system of JCPT1217RTI: When the equipment runs quickly on the smooth and steady road, the rear-wheel double-drive operation is executed to achieve effective energy saving; when the equipment runs slowly on the complicated road or slope, the four-wheel drive operation is executed and the powerful driving force makes the equipment easily step over the barrier to arrive at the destination quickly.

IV. Add the floating installation of the hydraulic front axle. Compared with JCPT1217RT, JCPT1217RTI has the front axle floating installation. When it runs on the rough road, the floating function is started to make the axle easily pass the rough road and effectively step over the barrier, enhancing the off-road performance of the equipment.
V. Upgrade the chassis structure. The chassis structure of JCPT1217RTI is improved and upgraded on the basis of that of JCPT1217RT, making the minimum ground clearance reach 0.29m, with an increase of 0.1m and making the equipment effectively step over the barrier section which is much higher than the road.

Zhejiang Dingli is always committed to providing the best products and most reasonable solutions for various complicated aerial working conditions. Along with rapid launch on the market of the off-road forked series after upgrading, the Company will provide more outdoor aerial work operators under the complicated working conditions with safety and protection as well as bring more benefits for the aerial work industry.