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March 03, 2017
Openness, Cooperation and Win-Win Situation | Zhejiang Dingli “the Belt and Road” Blossoms in India and Qatar
The latest data from National Bureau of Statistics of China reveals that, in 2016, the infrastructure investment was RMB 11.8878 trillion, an increase of 17.4% over the previous year. In addition, the direct investment to countries along the Belt and Road is USD 14.53 billion, accounting for 8.5% of the total amount in the same period. In 2017, due to the in-depth improvement of “the Belt and the Road”, various regions have increased the infrastructure investment, and the infrastructure project has speeded up being in place, which is expected to arouse a great mass fervor of trillions, and usher in a new round of outburst.
Keeping up with “the Belt and the Road” strategy and aiming at the overseas market for precise layout, Zhejiang Dingli has significantly accelerated the speed of “Going Out” in the early spring of 2017.
In February, there is a good sight, and Zhejiang Dingli is busy in production and marketing. As the leading enterprise in Chinese aerial work platform industry as well as the first listed enterprise of Shanghai A Shares in this industry, Zhejiang Dingli thrives in the production and marketing. In the factory of Zhejiang Dingli, the production lines make all effort at full speed. Loading vehicles on the delivery site shuttle back and forth, engaged in loading.
On the delivery site, pallet carriers shuttle in and out wave after a wave, and line up for loading. Various brand new aerial work platforms travel far away across the sea to countries along the Belt and Road, including India and Qatar, to help the construction of local infrastructure.
Over 80 aerial work platforms sent to India and Qatar are GTBZ18A, GTBZ24S and JCPT1418RT, covering various types including telescopic boom, articulating boom and scissor, which are all the classic units made by Zhejiang Dingli with originality and intelligence.
For GTBZ18A, the operational height is 18 m, platform load is 230 kg, horizontal extension is 8.85 m, and crossing height is 8.45 m, with 130° variable angles, which is easy and convenient to operate.
For GTBZ24S, the operational height is 24.22 m, platform load is 230 kg, maximum horizontal extension is up to 16.36 m; the imported driving system can strengthen the force and reduce energy consumption; and with 130° variable angles, it is easy and convenient to operate.
For JCPT1418RT, the operational height is 14.30 m and platform load is 363 kg. Designed as floating bridge, with four-wheel drive, it has strong gradeability and good maneuvering characteristics. When driving on the bumpy road, it acts as walking upon flat ground. It is also suitable for construction on bumpy site.
Recent years, Zhejiang Dingli actively responses to national orders for better “Going Out” in openness, cooperation and win-win situation, and further promotes “the Belt and the Road” development strategy, with its selling network covering countries along “the Belt and the Road”. By virtue of its excellent product quality, impeccable market layout and good service system, Zhejiang Dingli aerial work platforms have improved their influence in overseas market year by year.