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November 18, 2015
Successful Launch of Zhejiang Dingli JCPT0607DC Series with Brand-new Upgrading
Recently, the first upgraded JCPT0607DCI and JCPT0607DCS of the aerial work platform JCPT0607DC series have been manufactured successfully by Zhejiang Dingli. After a series of strict tests, they have passed the European CE and American ANSI certifications and it is estimated that the mass production will be achieved at the end of 2015.

As the most competitive 6m scissor-type aerial work platforms, these two types of new products has the maximum working height of 5.9m, safe working load of 240KG and maximum dimension of working platform of 1.89x0.7m, which may effectively widen the working scope and greatly enhance work efficiency. Therefore, they are first choice among products of the same kind.
As the brand-new product of the JCPT0607DC series, JCPT0607DCI and JCPT0607DCS have significant technical upgrade on basis of the advantages of the JCPT0607DC series.
1.      The automatic pot hole protection system and minimum ground clearance in the driving state are added for the equipment, greatly increasing its trafficability and guaranteeing stability of the equipment whose wheels are caught in the pit during driving process.
2.      The front wheels of the equipment are caster and steering wheel, which can reduce turning radius, provide customers with more options for different road conditions and ensure the operational flexibility of the equipment in a narrow space.

3.      The equipment adopts an intelligent ECU control system and integrates level sensor, button switch, key switch, emergency stop switch, buzzer, hour meter and touch screen in one. A potentiometer is used to replace the exposed elements, such as upper and lower limit switch, anti-pinch switch and angle sensor, thus reducing fault points and facilitating maintenance.
4.      The hi-tech touch display screen technology is used to make the operation of construction personnel much easier, more direct and faster.

5.      The 400W drive motor is used to make the equipment power more powerful and higher effective running.

6.      Significant improvement has been made in terms of energy saving and environmental protection of equipment, greatly enhancing the service life of equipment.
We believe that along with rapid release of JCPT0607DCI and JCPT0607DCS to the market, the safer, more comfortable and more effective indoor and outdoor experience of working at heights will be provided for the customers and more powerful guarantee will be provided for safety of the construction personnel.