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August 12, 2015
Joyfully welcome the guests from the ASEAN A Strength for “One Belt One Road”
----The ASEAN diplomats in China made an on-the-spot investigation in Dingli

      On July 31th 2015, 13 persons including the ambassadors, ministers and  commercial counsellors made a special trip of business investigation to Zhejiang Dingli, Deqing, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Xu Shugen, chairman of Zhejiang Dingli, together with all the staff,  joyfully welcome the guests. Accompanied by company executives, Xu Shugen, etc, the guests visited the factory and communicated with warm atmosphere. This investigation by the ASEAN diplomats in China is a firm step to a strength for “One Belt One Road”and development on a global base.

China is geographically close to ASEAN countries, connected by mountains and waters, strongly related by blood lineage, with similarities in cultures and friendly interactions with each other for thousands of years. The ASEAN countries have always been an irreplaceable part in economic development of China. Especially when Xu Jinping, Chairman of China carried out the strategy of “One Belt One Road”, which is a new strength for the relationship between China and the ASEAN, a contribution to a closer development of urbanization construction of China and the ASEAN countries.

During the investigation, the ASEAN diplomats in China and Xu Shugen, the Chairman, launched a forum. Chairman Xu gave an introduction of decade developing history of Dingli, R&D power and the sales and after-sale service of products of self-propelled intelligent AWPs, etc in ASEAN areas and mentioned the next step of more investment in ASEAN and development ideas, like R&D together,etc, which was a further expansion in the market of Southeast Asia and laid strength in cooperation and based the strategy of One Belt One Road in ASEAN. Ambassadors, ministers and commercial counsellors of  ASEAN countries expressed their ideas one by one, saying they were happy to provide support for the investment in their countries and held expectations on the future development of Dingli Products in ASEAN, which were very suitable for engineering construction project that ASEAN countries strive to develop. Further, they hope Zhejiang Dingli would bring its advanced technology, qualified products, satisfactory service into ASEAN countries.

Xu Ningning, Director General, also expressed his gratitude for Dingli’s warm hospitality to the diplomats in China, hoping there would be a further cooperation between Dingli and ASEAN countries via this communication, which made a greater contribution to the friendship and mutual-beneficial cooperation between Dingli and ASEAN countries.

After the meeting of exchange, Xu Shugen, the Chairman accompanied the investigation group of ASEAN diplomats to visit the third plant that was newly put into operation and watch the operation demonstration of a part of AWP machines and full process of latest production line. Advanced products, modernized workshops and intelligent process laid a deep impressions on these guests.