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July 15, 2015
President Xushugen of Zhejiang Dingli go to United States to visit two world’s largest retailers of building material
President Xushugen of Zhejiang Dingli go to United States to visit two world’s largest retailers of building material

At the warm invitation of leader of the building materials retailer Home Depot and Lowe’s, president Xushugen of Dingli machinery co.,LTD is visiting United States recently with a tour, having a 5-day friendly business visitation. It is the symbol significance of global market for Dingli since the cooperate with them five years ago.

First stop, the delegation arrived in Charlotte. Accompanied by the America partners, President Xu visited many shops of Charlotte and have a conversation with the staffs to know the use condition of Dingli brand equipment and take advices.

Then president Xu arrived in the headquarters of Lowe’s in Charlotte and have a face to face conversation with the leader of Lowe’s. President Xu express heartfelt thanks for Lowe’s support and trust to Dingli and the leader of Lowe’s gave full affirmation to the products of Dingli.

Review the past, president Xu is filled with regrets. The cooperation of Dingli and Lowe’s is full of hardships and sweet.
Awareness of the needs. As early as 5 years ago, Dingli made preparations for cooperation with Lowe’s. In the initial step of knowing the request for product, Dingli sent technician group to visit more than 100 Lowe’s supermarkets for 6 years and had several talks with executive staff and users of equipment, basically knowing the requirements for products. Half a year later, Dingli built a special R&D team, developing many new products approved by ANSI for customer to choose from. In order to save turnaround time, Dingli would send newly finished products to customer for inspection and trial by air in the first time.

Repetition of improvement. Based on great efforts in investigation and research in previous time, new products were improved a lot. However, customer still proposed many ideas for improvement during usage. The technician of Dingli went to America by air to check the conditions for usage on spot and kept adjusting drawings according to feedback from customers and redesigned new samples. During as long as half a year, a repetition of 20 rounds of flight and a sum of 30 pcs of trial samples finally wined approval from customer.

Optimization of inspection. Sequentially, there came the long-term period of durability inspection, during which the technician group stuck to using field and kept records of the problems from operators and gave feedbacks to company in time.During trial period, the product were adjusted and optimized on aspects of quality and using comfortableness. Also, Dingli made strict inspection for all spare parts for more than 200,000 times.    

Overall cooperation. After full certainty of meeting final strict requirements, Lowe’s made a final decision of overall cooperation with Dingli and started sourcing equipment from Dingli on a massive base.

Chairman Xu is fully aware that: the overall cooperation is attributable to powerful technologies and excellent quality of Dingli and persistent efforts. The process is difficult but the result is encouraging.

After business visit to Lowe’s, Chairman Xu came to Atlanta with his team, visiting headquarter of Home Depot. Accompanied by senior executives of Home Depot, Chairman Xu visited the headquarters and asked the asked details about the use of Dingli equipment.

Backed to the office of Home Depot headquarter, senior executives of Home Depot highly praised the products of Dingli and stated that Home depot was very assured of Dingli Products. That’s why Home Depot started sourcing a large number of products from dingli.

The two sides also conducted in-depth communication on some of the new needs. Xu Shugen, the chairman immediately said that they would organize a design team especially for requirements of new products of Home Depot after backing to factory.

After the satisfactory business visit to Lowe’s and Home Depot, Xu Shugen, the chairman  flew to Philadelphia to visit American partners and deeply talked about the current market situation and the sales project for the following three years.

During staying in Philadelphia, Chairman Xu was invited to open sphere for Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball. Finally, Philadelphia Phillies tied the score in unfavorable situation of 4 scores behind in the last round and turned the tide in adding round.

This travel to America by Xu Shugen, the chairman, had a far-reaching influence, which pushed the communication and cooperation to a high level between Dingli and two globally biggest furniture building materials retailers. In the near future, there will a hope of more magnificent chapter for Dingli and these two customers.