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May 26, 2015
DingLi sponsored IPAF Asia Conference
The fourth IPAF Asia Conference was hosted in Royal Garden Hotel, Kowloon, Hongkong on May 26th 2015. As a leading enterprise in China AWP industry, Zhejiang Dingli was invited to attend and provided main sponsoring for the conference.

Founded in 1983, IPAF, the most authoritative AWP association,has as many as 800 members all over the world, covering the countries and regions including UK, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia and South America, etc. As a non-profit organization, IPAF is devoted to global promotion of safety and effective usage of AMP equipment. Service objects include manufacturer, distributor, renter, training company and all AWP users within this field. Zhejiang Dingli was invited to join IPAF Association in 2010 as a manufacturer of the equipment.

The conference invited more than 140 people from over 14 countries to attend, mainly sharing how to keep using AWP device safely and improve work efficiency. Also, it provided a good platform where experts and businessmen can of the same industry talk about the latest development. As a main representative of Asian rental companies, principals from GALMON and MODERN, major customers of Dingli in Singapore and Hongkong, made important speeches in the conference.