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June 12, 2015
Dingli aerial stock picker has entered into the The Home Depot which is the largest supermarket of Home furnishing and building materials
The Home Depot is the largest retailer of household and building items in the world and the second retailer after Wal-Mart. It has more than 3000 stores all over the world and has been named “The Most Popular Professional Retailer” by the America Magazine《Fortune》. It ranked 17th in 2007 United States 500 fortune and ranked 43 in the 2006.In the same year the Home Depot ranked 1st by the 《Fortune》 in the “The most admired professional retailer”  and 13st the most admired company.
The main function of aerial stock picker for The Home Depot this time is to take and replenish goods in aerial shelf in chain stores of united states . The work efficiency of staffs have been greatly improved and avoid lumbar muscle degeneration caused from the long duration transportation even the accident work injury for large platform of the machine and the perfect structure design of the goods shelf. The aerial stock picker is well received by customers once it is released.
The Home Depot is a world-class company and doing things very cautious which only make small trial order before they confirm the ability of supply and the quality of product. After quiet a long time of communication and acquaintance and confirming the Dingli as the leader enterprise in aerial work platform in China which has the ability of production, sales and service and the high quality product, The Home Depot decide to use Dingli brand aerial stock picker. The order is 1080 units, 200units have been sent in April 2015 and the rest will be sent before the end of August 2015.

The development prospect of Zhejiang Dingli is very good in the market of United States. The aerial work platform of Dingli has been  successfully entered into the Lowe’s  which is the second largest retailer in household and building items. Lowe’s have made 3500 units of aerial stock picker order to Dingli and now the machines are on every stores in United States. Lowe’s is satisfied with the performance of machine. Dingli has kept the good relationship with the Grainger which is the advanced equipment maintenance, repair and MRO industrial products reseller.

It's been a dream for all domestic suppliers of engineering machinery equipment to enter the macket of America, the biggest market on a global base. Relying on plentiful manufacturing experience of AWP industry, combining with product quality requirements of continuous improvement and considerate nanny after-sale service of 24 hours, Zhejiang Dingli will undoubtedly occupy its territory in market of America.