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May 04, 2015
Zhejiang Dingli took active participation in One Belt, One Road, completing the Qatar Delivery Ceremony
Recently, guided by the strategy of One Belt And One Road by Xi Jinping, the general secretary, Zhejiang Dingli set off a professional team for a five-day training for QTEC Company, the newly licensed agent in Qatar and successfully host the grand delivery ceremony. This delivery included full series of Dingli products, like telescopic and articulating AWPs, scissor lifts, mast lifts and mast climbing AWP.


Founded in 1974, QTEC company is a local large agent&sales company of construction equipment brand in Qatar, a branch to Qatar Taleb Group, an agent mainly for world’s top brand products including Japan TADANO crane, German SCHWING cement pump truck, German LIEBHERR pavement equipment, Italy MERLO forklift and Japan Denyo generator.“As a main agent company for high-end large construction equipment in Qatar, QTEC is very cautious in selecting brands for agent. Besides the considerations of market future and product quality, company scale and brand value is especially put on priority. With a period of communication and understanding, we assume Zhejiang Dingli completely conforms to our standard. And we were honored to be invited to visit the modern new factory of Zhejiang Dingli and had a deep communication with leaders of the enterprise. It’s undoubtedly that our full cooperation with Dingli will achieve complete success.” Raji Zacharias stated, Sales Director of QTEC, in the delivery ceremony.

“As a main global supplier of AWP, Zhejiang Dingli has always regarded Qatar as one of the main markets in the Middle East. The full cooperation with QTEC gives more  leverage for Zhejiang Dingli to occupy its place in Qatar or even the Middle East”added Chen Jingchen, the vice sales director, “We feel honored to cooperate with QTEC, which is highly experienced in agent for high-end construction equipment. Through mutual efforts, Zhejiang Dingli will surely achieve an outstanding sales figure in Qatar Market.”

“Project Qatar 2015”, the large Qatar exhibition,will be grandly held in Doha, Qatar from May 4th to May 7th.Zhejiang Dingli will take full participation in this exhibition, with debut of full series of products. For more information, please follow the latest news of Zhejiang Dingli.