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November 29, 2021
Products Info | Full coverage of work height, The series of dingli mini scissors lift to add a new member

       The series of dingli mini scissor lift is mainly composed of JCPT0607DCS and JCPT0708DCS. On this basis, in order to meet the actual needs of customers, covering the full height, the mini scissor lift add a new member -- JCPT0608DCS.


       JCPT0608DCS, the whole machine is powered by battery, compact and flexible, small size, light weight, no noise, no pollution, can enter and leave the elevator at will, the maximum working height covering 6.5m, the maximum load 230kg.

       Compared with JCPT0607DCS and JCPT0708DCS, the working height of JCPT0608DCS is between the two, up to 6.5m, and the whole machine weight is 970kg, between the two.

       As "another blue sea" in the rental market, mini scissor lift has less market ownership, large rental competitiveness, small and flexible, and focuses on building mezzanine height operation. It can easily enter and exit the narrow space that is difficult for ordinary shear fork to enter. The advantages of mini scissor lift are as follows:

       ·The maximum working height is 5.6m/6.5m/7.6m, which is more than enough to deal with the mezzanine height of buildings.

       ·Engineering elevator general door height 1.8m, fence folding, height are 1.66m, 1.66m, 1.76m, can enter and exit freely.

       ·The machine is small in size and far in weight, respectively 880kg/970kg/1240kg, lower than the load of the general high-rise passenger ladder 1600kg, can enter and exit residential buildings, office buildings passenger ladder at will.

       ·Electric drive, high efficiency, low noise, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection and other advantages.

       ·The machine size is small, light weight, low transportation cost.

       ·The purchase price is low, but the rental price is equal to the mainstream scissors, and the rate of return is high.

       ·Good working condition, low damage degree and low maintenance cost.

       Dingli mini scissors lift can make up for the product coverage of leasing companies in the middle and low height floors, strengthen the market competitiveness of leasing companies, improve economic benefits.