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November 23, 2021
Products Info | Dingli launched 28 and 32 meters electric scissor platforms!


       Recently, as the leader of aerial work platforms in China, Dingli, on the basis of the original 22-meter large electric scissor platform and through continuous research and development adjustment, has launched the 28 and 32 meters electric scissor platforms with the highest working height in the world

       So far, Dingli's electrification strategy is still in progress, and the working height of electric scissors has covered 5.9 to 32 meters.

To meet all the "PICKY" requirements of customers,

bring together all their reverie about scissors,

Dingli large electric scissors are here!


01  Lithium battery drive with strong endurance

       The two large electric scissors are both equipped with 80V/520Ah high-capacity lithium battery packs, with zero emissions, no noise, strong endurance, and normally can be used for 3-4 days after one charge.

02  Flexible operation with super large load

       The maximum load of the two large electric scissors is 600kg, they are self-propelled and can meet the needs of multiple people working at the same time. They are equipped with a 1.9m extension platform, and the working platform size of JCPT3214DC can reach 5.85m*1.2m. Also, they are both equipped with 4X4 drive mode, which can realize crab-turn and flexible operation.

03  Convenient transportation without obstacles

       The width and height of the two large electric scissors are both 1.39m*4.16m. In order to facilitate transportation, the guard rails of the whole machine can be folded, and the height after folding is 3.17m. They are compatible with various transportation methods regardless of obstacles.

04  Compact with strong passability

       The two large electric scissors are compact with a width of only 1.39 meters. With excellent passability, they are suitable for large venues and urban commercial and supermarket complexes, they can freely enter narrow areas where traditional large scissors cannot pass.

       At present, the two large electric scissors are in hot booking, many international leading leasing companies have purchased in large quantities, welcome to consult!