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December 05, 2017
Zhejiang Dingli Made Investment to CMEC for Deep Strategic Layout in American Market
As the only manufacturer of aerial working platform in China among 2017 World Top 10 Access Equipment Manufacturer, in the recent two years, Zhejiang Dingli has gone abroad and accelerated the overseas layout by virtue of its strength and advantages.
On December 1, Zhejiang Dingli signed an agreement with CMEC in USA, to acquire 25% equity of CMEC with USD 20 million. This is another significant overseas investment Zhejiang Dingli made after the acquisition of 20% equity of Magni Italy.

CMEC is specialized in the design, production and sales of aerial working platform.

Aerial working is widely applied in America, which makes America the largest consumer market of global aerial working platform together with sound safety regulations, expensive labor cost and many other factors. With the largest supply stock in the world, it has great updating and new demand. Meanwhile, it is also the biggest stage for competition of international aerial working platforms, so the market competition there is the fiercest. Moreover, America is the originator and headstream of aerial working platform, which has the world-class access equipment manufacturers. Therefore, the door is shut upon the face of foreign products of the same kind which want to enter the American market in most cases.

Photo of principal persons of Zhejiang Dingli and CMEC
The equity cooperation between Zhejiang Dingli and CMEC this time is mainly for purposes of promotion of brand value and expansion of marketing channel. As an American company with a brand history of over four decades, even its differentiated aerial working platforms are of high quality and low price, it has position in local market, core customer resources and sales talents, and has established favorable business relationship with large- and medium-sized leasing companies in America. The alliance between giants will certainly help Dingli to gradually expand its clients from original dealers to leasing companies which dominate the market for deep strategic layout in American market.

As the first enterprise listed as A share listed company of Shanghai stock market in industry of aerial working platform in China, Zhejiang Dingli is distinguished for its high technologies, high-end equipment and high growth, with steady overall operation over the years. This is because Zhejiang Dingli adheres to the main business all the time, vigorously carries out innovation-driven strategy, and constantly consolidates its leading place in China through endogenous development and investments to well-known enterprises at home and abroad.