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March 24, 2017
Dingli Aerial Work Platform Pioneered the Modular Design of Global Familial Pattern
Modular design of mechanical engineering refers to divide each system of mechanical engineering products into different modules, and combine different modules on the intelligent product line to form the product.

Modularization integrates various advantages, especially the good universality, which can meet the requirements of multiple products and mass production, and explore a new way for product customization.
Zhejiang Dingli gathers elites of science and technology all over the world. Relying on R&D Center in Europe, it develops more than ten familial modular new products of aerial work platforms with top-class modular design, including BT28RT telescopic boom lifts and BA28RT articulating ones.
The major advantages of Dingli familial series products are saving and convenient. There is good universality among the modules. Compared with regular products in the past, the combined ones can significantly reduce the using cost of customers. Since the complete machine is combined by modules, with its good universality, its maintainability has improved greatly, which is convenient for maintenance.
What is more remarkable is that, the new familial products of Dingli has high-end configuration, which is intelligent and advanced, environmental and energy saving, safe and high efficient, with humanization.
1. High-end Configuration
● ECU-controlled Euro-IV engine of Deutz, with strong power;
● Dana axle, with standard configuration of 4 × 4 drive & steering and differential lock; its power being boosted for over 20%; low failure rate;
● Bosch Rexroth power-driven system, efficient and energy-saving;
● Danfoss PVG hydraulic control system, with Can bus controller, reducing failure rate of its system by over 30%, and highly universalized.
2. Precise Matching
● The engine output is electronically controlled, conserving about 20% fuel consumption;
● The whole series are subversively designed in structure. On the premise of ensuring excellent stability, comparing with same types from other brands, the total weight has been reduced by 15%-20%, which significantly reduces costs of use and transportation;
3. Familial and modular design for the whole series, with major parts available universally;
4. Rated loading capacity of platform up to 350 kg, meeting requirements of various operating conditions;
5. Equip with Secondary Guarding Protection system , with photoelectric sensor technology of global patent protection, to ensure safety of operators;
6. Standard configuration of telescopic boom, with working  range improved by over 10%;
7. Product design fully comply with requirements of the latest EN280:2013+A1:2015 and ANSI/SIA A92 standard.
Meanwhile, these products are protected by ten patents globally.

With good looking, strength and responsibility, the familial products of Zhejiang Dingli are sure to initiate a new era of intelligent aerial work platform, leading the direction of development of boom lifts in the next ten years.