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March 21, 2017
Only It Can Be Applied to Various Operating Conditions in Aerial Work
With the unceasing expansion and deepening of aerial work, its operating conditions have become increasingly complicated. In that case, Zhejiang Dingli has developed the elf-propelled telescopic boom lift(ultra deck) GTBZ20SU independently, and has been awarded with several patents. Let’s see its performance first.
This product is widely used in the construction for the following operating conditions: culvert, viaduct, steel structure factory, curtain wall, subway station, etc. It can easily finish the work that scissor and boom lifts fail to finish independently, as well as the transportation and lifting of materials at high position. It is really a robot for aerial work.
GTBZ20SU adopts Dana axle as its chasis, with standard configuration of 4WD and 4WS as well as differential lock, which has a stronger cross-country ability and flexibility. The maximum gradeability is 40% and the maximum chassis leveling is 10°, which is applicable for the bumpy construction site. It has a large working surface of 6.7 m × 2.28 m, as well as the platform slider boom of 2.19 m. The 180º rotation has significantly increased its working range, realizing no dead corner in aerial work.
Meanwhile, its maximum vertical working height is up to 20 m, and it can bypass the barriers with no difficulty in working. What is more commendable is that its rated load is up to 1.8 t, which supports various people to operate at the same time, and significantly increases the working efficiency.
GTBZ20SU has excellent performances, and reached global prominence in the operation under various aerial operating conditions, as well as large-scale extension and retraction, movement, load, etc. of aerial work platform.