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Ability-oriented, employ according to ability

As a high-tech enterprise, we deeply realize the importance of talents. For a long time, we have adhered to the enterprise talent value of "Ability-oriented, employ according to ability", tapped the potential of employees, and made the best use of people and things through the internal promotion channel of the enterprise.

Selection View
Selection View
Honest and polite, erudite and courteous.
Education View
People-oriented and cultivate people with both morality and ability
View Of Employment
View Of Employment
morality first, employ according to ability, and post is matched with ability.
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  • 【Job Responsibilities】

    1. Familiar with the ecology of construction machinery industry, have a deep understanding of marketing business, and have good market analysis ability;

    2. Skilled sales ability, rich practical project experience, able to achieve customer satisfaction in complex environment;

    3. Experienced in sales team management, strong sense of responsibility, able to lead and train the sales team, fully control the preliminary operation, sales management, plan implementation, process guidance and monitoring of team sales projects.

    4. Coordinate and complete the tasks of the parent company in China.

    【Job requirements】

    1. At least 5 years sales working experience, construction machinery marketing experience is preferred;

    2. Have rich customer resources and customer relations and excellent performance;

    3. Strong ability of market analysis, marketing and promotion, good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, ability to analyze and solve problems;

    4. Strong career ambition and teamwork ability.