Nordic Countries Sales
International Sales | Full-Time | Nordic Countries | 2 people | Release Date: 2021-09-14
【Job Responsibilities】

1. Responsible for developing and maintaining customer resources and customer relations in Nordic Countries;

2. Responsible for the tracking and service of customers' complete life cycle process, encouraged the mining of customers' potential needs, and was able to analyze, collect and sort out customer information;

3. Be able to negotiate with customers, reach sales orders, and be responsible for payment collection and ensure the timeliness of payment collection;

4. Coordinate and complete the tasks of the parent company in China.

【Job Requirements】

1. Major in automation, machinery, marketing or related field, at least 1 year working experience;

2, have rich customer resources and customer relations, mechanical equipment marketing work experience is preferred;

3. Strong ability of market analysis, marketing and promotion, good at interpersonal communication;

4. Strong career ambition and teamwork ability.

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