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April 19, 2022
Products Info | World's First Oil-free&All-electric AWP Series

Following the electrification of the entire product series, Chinese aerial work platform manufacturer, Dingli, continues to deepen its electrification strategy and do its best to address industry and customer pain points.Recently, with the world's first oil-free & all-electric AWP series came out, Dingli has officially entered the era of "no hydraulic oil"!

Dingli’s oil-free and all-electric series offers maximum working height of 5~16m and maximum load of 230~450kg. The first batch of these 6 models is being mass-produced. The whole series uses electric actuators for lifting, lowering and steering instead of traditional hydraulic oil cylinders, advantages are as follow:

1、Low energy consumption, the total transmission efficiency of the direct motor drive systems reaches 95%, more than 30% energy saving compared with the traditional hydraulic system.

2. Safer, higher levels of water and dust resistance, with built-in position sensors, real-time data monitoring of the full stroke. Synergistic drives enable temperature, load, and variable torque control, offering high active safety.

3. Easy maintenance, no hydraulic system, avoid system problems such as valve core stuck, oil leakage, oil change, high and low temperature efficiency reduction, equipped with maintenance-free permanent magnet synchronous motor and AGM battery, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

4. More comfortable, full stroke proportional control eliminates the jitter and abrupt feeling caused by self-gravity lowering of the hydraulic system, providing a better experience.

5. More environmentally friendly, the noise of the machine is lower than that with the hydraulic system, all-electric and oil-free, zero-emission, high degree of environmental protection.