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December 07, 2021
Products Info丨DingLi Rail-mounted Aerial Working Platform is coming!

How to repair the rail transit in our impression

Is this? 

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Rail-mounted Aerial Working Platform

       For a long time, in view of the particularity of the field, pulley scaffolding has always been the mainstream auxiliary facilities of rail transit ascending operations, and often need to spend a large labor cost.

       Zhejiang Dingli has been committed to providing customers with safe and efficient solutions for altitude work. In order to properly eliminate the hidden dangers of altitude work in the field of rail transit, a new rail altitude car came out !

       Take a look at the advantages !

DingLi rail-mounted Aerial Working Platform BA16RR

       Dingli BA16RR is a Road/rail-mounted aerial work platform. On the road, it has maximum working height of 16.03m and maximum load of 400kg on the road; on the rail, it has maximum working height of 16.23m and maximum load of 320kg.


       The boom support of the machine is based on Dingli axle-type electric boom BA20ERT, and its chassis is based on Dingli telescopic boom lift BT22RT. It is equipped with a special axle for aerial work platforms which meet 4x4 steering requirements. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with a rail axle, thus it can meet the requirements for use both on roads and railways.


       As a "good helper"for rail transit maintenance and testing, BA16RR can reach a maximum speed of 12km/h on railways, which can greatly improve operation efficiency !