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April 02, 2020
The Zhejiang Dingli’s JCPT2223DC comes on stage with a new look!


    As the saying goes, The pupil outdoes the master. JCPT2223DC includes all the functions of JCPT2223RTB.
    In addition, it also has the characteristics of pure electric drive. It has the advantages of energy saving, noiseless and zero emission, and is more suitable for the special working conditions with high environmental requirements.
    JCPT2223DC, does not change any parts, continues all characteristics of large rough-terrain scissor lift JCPT2223RTB, safe working load is 750kg, and the max. working height is 22 meters, with multiple people working at the same time.

4WD&4WS, smaller turning radius 1.25m/3.4m
4.59m*2.25m working platform, 2.7m extending platform
Can drive at the full height with loading 750kg 

JCPT2223DC highlights

    JCPT2223DC is equipped with 620Ah high capacity battery pack and adopts new green engine cover plate. It is noiseless, zero-emission and more environmentally friendly. It can last for more than 8 hours under full power.

Bold green Markings

Compact interior

The detailed parameters are as follows:
    In view of the advantages of pure electricity, the JCPT2232DC has become the rental company's ‘Favourite’. Currently, the shipment is hot......


JCPT2223DC was delivered to SGCC
JCPT2212DC is on its way
Stay tuned for it~